The 6 Best Side Gigs to Consider in 2020

If you’ve decided to make 2020 your year of establishing financial stability, you may quickly find that your full-time job isn’t enough to cut it. You’ve got big savings goals, but when you’ve got bills to pay, those goals seem further and further out of your reach. 

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck and putting your dreams on the back burner, take charge of your finances by suiting yourself up with a side gig that draws in enough extra cash to ease your money woes.

1. Freelance gigs

Being a freelancer can be a tough gig if you’re unsure of the available avenues to get in contact with the right (and most reliable) employers. Upwork is one of the best online platforms out there for skilled freelancers looking to make some extra cash. Covering everything from graphic design and coding to 3D rendering and application engineering, Upwork connects professionals in need of talented experts to freelancers all across the globe.

If you have a background in the following niches, your skills are in high demand:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Data entry
  • SEO
  • Graphic design
  • Transcription
  • Translation

2. Blogging

Do you have a way with words that captures people’s attention? Turn your talent into a lucrative side hustle by starting a blog. Schedule some time to brainstorm what you want your blog to be about, who you want your audience to be, and how you plan to make money off your words. Whether it’s a blog covering the latest in the NBA, the hottest buzz in the entertainment world, or the surprising trends in the fashion industry, learn your niche, and become an expert. Once you’ve gained some traction and the affiliate income starts pouring in, you’ll be rolling in dough in no time.

3. Renting your space out

If your home (or a room in your home) is often empty, it just might be the perfect candidate for Airbnb, VRBO, and temporary lodging platforms. While the location of your home will have the most determining say in how popular your listing becomes, listing your house for rent could earn you a good chunk of money with minimal work. Ultimately, you will be held to a certain cleanliness and friendliness standard once guests start lining up to stay in your humble abode, so do your fair share of research before deciding if hosting is for you.

4. Sell your yummy goods

Got one of those family secret recipes that has all of your friends and colleagues drooling? Why not turn that deliciousness into a profit?  Whether it’s grandma’s sweet potato pie or your very own chicken tikka masala, a good recipe goes a long way. Setting up a pop-up shop, catering for events, or selling to a local restaurant are all accessible and lucrative avenues that are bound to set you and your signature dish up for success. 

5. Start an Etsy shop

Artists, this one’s for you! While it may feel next to impossible to create a full-time career out of jewelry-making or canvas-painting, a part-time gig may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s never been easier to make money off your artful experience with the help of online platforms like Society 6 and Etsy. People all over the globe will be able to order your art and add it to their collection while you collect the coin. Who knew your creative genius could pay the bills?

6. Dog walking

It’s not just your imagination—everyone seems to own a dog these days. And with the increasing popularity of pet ownership comes an ever-growing demand for pet care. Get in on the action by becoming a dog walker or sitter yourself! Wag and Rover and two of the easiest places to start as they both connect dog walkers with pups that need walking or pet sitting. Getting your hands on an easy $100 a week for spending some quality time with a cute dog is the ultimate way to ring in the new year.

Living your most lucrative life begins today—with any number of these side hustles lined up on your schedule, your bank accounts are just a dog walk or blog post away from shining glory!