Best Hunting Destinations to Visit

Hunters are indeed a picky kind, always searching for new challenges, better trophies and more beautiful scenery. While each rifle-wielding hero is different, here are some of the best destinations around the globe, rich in game and beauty that will definitely make your trigger finger itchy. Here’s our countdown. 

British Columbia

British Columbia’s main prize for every patient hunter is the elusive white mountain goat. These beauties roam several US states, but they love this Canadian western state the most. All non-residents need to hire a registered guide when hunting in these regions because the areas are remote and cruel. Getting to an ideal hunting ground can be tough and might require days of trekking, so if you’re a lover of hiking, you’ll have a nice treat in front of you. Sure, you’ll be required to live out of your backpack, but the entire experience will make for an even better adventure. Besides mountain goats, you can also run into bears, wolves and mountain lions, so always keep your eyes wide open. 


The European bison is the national animal of Belarus and hunting these gentle giants is a local tradition. Some specimens can weigh up to a ton and taking one down is a great honor for many hunters. So, if hunting bison is at the top of your kill list, Belarus and its Pripyat River are where you should go. If you want to let these behemoths roam free, Belarus is also rich in deer which can be hunted between May and December. Wolves, on the other hand, are in season all year round. 


Alaska is truly a magical place perfect for all sorts of adventurers, hunters included. Talkeetna is probably one of the best spots on the continent where you can hunt huge bears, and its population of moose is thriving. Bear and wolf hunt is allowed all year round, while you’ll have to wait for a specific time frame from August to September to hunt moose and sheep. You can also book various hunting tours in Alaska that often include plane rides over Anchorage and over 200 kilometers of the area outside of it. 

New Zealand

Even though relatively small, New Zealand has the largest population of red stags in the world. Aside from these magnificent creatures, you can also hunt goats, rams, water buffalos and wapitis. If you don’t like long hikes, you can hire a helicopter to take you to the right place for hunting. The best time for shooting down stags is between March and April when stags are in rut. And make sure to bring your trail cameras—these can be very helpful. If you need some info on these hunting accessories, you can check out and find whatever interests you. From guns and knives to clothing and accessories, you’ll find very helpful reviews that will make your purchases worth your money. 


Are you looking for hunting grounds that will test your limits? Well, Pakistan will show you how it’s done. With its many mountainous regions and high peaks, you can expect some amazing rock climbing adventures that will show you who’s the boss—man or beast. When it comes to hunting, you’ll have some very exotic animals on the menu like Himalayan ibex, blue sheep and markhor with its majestic twisting horns. 


The “African hunter’s paradise” AKA Tanzania is speckled with national parks and game reserves which make it an ideal hunting destination. If you want to practice ethical hunting, visit the Selous Game Reserve where you can try your hand at big game like buffalo and lion, as well as other, less-known exotic animals like gerenuk, lesser kudu and sitatunga. 

All of these destinations will provide a great hunting experience and definitely wow you with their beauty, so take your pick and book your next hunt today.