A Guide for Expats in Choosing a School Overseas

The decision in relocating abroad as a family has outcomes we may well thought of, and planned about but may still result to unexpected and unfavourable scenarios. Relocating overseas especially when you have schooling children may be troublesome. As parents, you might worry that they can’t cope up and could be left out in the school you are planning to enrolled them to. 

The fact that they are leaving their friends behind and knowing that there could be a different culture which will require them to mingle with in the new school, makes them feel uncomfortable and afraid. In this article, we will share a guide to help parents and children make the relocation overseas beneficial by properly choosing the right school. 

Local School or International School

This is the very first question to ask yourself. Should you send your children to a local or internationals school? Parents always want to ensure that their children receive the best possible education overseas. Therefore, we will give you a simple comparison between sending them to local school or international school. 

Local schools such as state schools and universities often offer a curricula that is off high standard and doesn’t cost a peny. But it’s not usually being offered to expats rather they prioritise the locals and scholars during enrollment. On the other hand, international schools are known to have the higher fees compare to other schools yet ensuring the quality of education as state schools give not to mention the high-end facilities they have. 

Since local or state school enrollees consist mostly native residents, if you enroll your kids there, they might feel like a real alien whereas in an international school, they will surely feel belong as they can see mostly migrants they can relate to.

Investigate the Curriculum in detail

Once you’ve chosen between an international school and state school, it’s time to know their educational system. The curriculum in the new country you will move into could be different from the curriculum you had back home. Parents must take steps to investigate the offered curriculums and think of the previous curriculum the children took so as to assess if the kids could have a hard time coping up. 

Find a school that encourages them to thrive

Schools that encourage students to grow and develop well are those that practice an active programmes and culture. You can’t replicate your kids’ friends way back home so help them easily meet new friends by enrolling them in a school that focuses on creativity, social and diversity. This kind of school also look after the kids’ welfare. If they are new and struggling, the teachers often give calm and care and eventually help kids to be confident. International curricula offered mostly by international schools, provide this style of learning that is the most ideal for expats.ss

Moving to a different country for work opportunities or for whatever reasons is challenging. But any of the member of the family should feel this move is for a new and better life especially for the kids. Therefore, finding a good school for them should be a top priority when you migrate so they can be able to transition easily.  

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