Ahmed Nashat – How to Ensure You Stay Happy During Those Dreary Winter Days

Once the clocks change and those dark winter days roll in, it can start to have a very real impact on our productivity and our energy levels. In some cases there are people who suffer with problems such as SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, which is a form of depression brought on by the winter months. My buddy Ahmed Nashat works with many people who go through this during the winter months and he has been kind enough to share with me some ways in which you can remain happy during those tough winter days. 

Book a Trip

One surefire way to beat those winter blues is to escape from them entirely and take yourself away on a trip to somewhere which boasts a far better climate that what you are living in right now. Winter breaks are a great way to get some sun on your skin, confirms Cogan & Power, P.C. and give you the chance to get away from the glum days back home.  

Switching Your Diet 

Much like animals do, it is vital that you are paying particularly close attention to what you are eating during the winter months. It can be easy to look to make things feel better by loading up on carbs and sugars, but these are actually going to have the opposite affect on your wellbeing. The key to feeling better this winter is loading up on oily fish and additional vitamin D, which you are likely to be deficient in given the lack of sunshine.


Exercising offers the body mood-boosting effects which can help combat misery during the winter. When you are more sedentary and you are getting less sunshine, you can run the risk of having low confidence and a severe lack of energy. To beat this away make sure that you are doing as much exercises as you are able to, which will give you a nice boost of happiness. 

Using Light Boxes

The effects of SAD can be greatly reversed through the use of a light box, which emits wavelengths of natural light in your home, which are vastly similar to actual daylight. Using these light boxes can trick the brain into thinking that it is getting more sunlight than it actually is, which helps the body to keep functioning and keeps the mind happier and more positive. 

Things to Look Forward to 

A great way to make sure that you get through the winter months with a smile on your face is to have things to look forward to. Booking a summer holiday, buying tickets for springtime events or planning ahead for a party or an event is a great way to incentivize you to push on through the winter months. The reason why people feel worse in January is because Christmas serves as a great distraction, when that is over however, we need more things to look forward to.