Nine University Reviews the Least Profitable Majors in 2020

You can hear the cynicism already can’t you from family and friends, “he’ll never get a proper job”, or “what career can come from that degree?”.  While we all pursue our interests we also have to consider is there a job at the end of it. While fields such as engineering, business, economics and pharmacy often result in well paying careers, some of the other subjects students major in can do totally the opposite, kill off their chances of landing a job.  So here’s our nine University reviews the least profitable majors in 2020.

Nine University Reviews the Least Profitable Majors in 2020

It should come as no surprise that the least profitable majors are in the creative arts.  While every student dreams of becoming the next big artist, actor, or musician, very few make it a career.  The average income for a degree holder is $55,000 and unemployment rate is around 2.8%. So which degree major subjects do you need to avoid to end up way below average on salary and on the unemployed list?

Cosmetology Services – work in the cosmetics industry is low paying because it can be quick to qualify and pay is low at around $35,000 per year for a full-time worker.  Of course there are some very rich cosmetic surgeons but that’s a very different career path!

Culinary Arts – is again viewed as a less skilled profession with many people entering it through a non-degree path so salaries are lower because of competition for work.

Mass Media – is a subject students take to get into TV broadcasting on the main, and unfortunately unemployment rates are high at around 6%, with those who are employed in the sector taking home just $40,000 salary.

Fine Arts – is a path taken by many artists at University but unfortunately career prospects aren’t good with salaries around $38,000 and high unemployment rates, with artists often having to turn to other careers to make a living.

Film & Video Arts – is all about film and video production, the workings behind TV and the movies, an appealing career path it may seem, but pay is low at $37,000 on average and unemployment rates at around 7%.

Linguistics & Literature – with an average salary of $40,000 the average linguistics or literature graduate doesn’t become the author of their dreams, and often has to take lower paid work to stay within this field.

Performing Arts – is the field most parents fear!  Will their precious child who loves the theatre ever star on Broadway, or become a Hollywood actor?  Well unfortunately not, income for performing arts majors is just $32,000 and unemployment rates at around 5%.

Music – while just a hobby for most people has developed into a field of study and career path for many hopefuls but unfortunately salaries for musician’s average $36,000 and unemployment is a concern too.

Psychology – may seem to be a competent career path but for many it doesn’t lead to work in this field so unemployment rates are high and salaries low.