How Recruiters Hire the Best Administrative Assistant From Staffing Agencies

Whether you want to field phone calls, monitor your company’s social media performance, schedule important meetings, spearhead the planning of events, or update vital spreadsheets—hiring a great assistant can help you run the office smoothly. With a professional and experienced office assistant, you have a partner who will help you run the office and leave you to concentrate on important company matters. However, office management is all about skills, knowledge, experience, and professionalism. That’s why finding the right candidate for your office can be a challenge. Plus, there are numerous candidates who are looking for that position. So, how do you go around choosing the best assistant for your office? On these lines, this article is all about helping you choose an office assist you can be proud of.

What Are The Expectations?

What are the duties do you expect to be fulfilled? Make a list of these duties. Then look at the options at your disposal. An office assistant you hire should have these skills as well as qualifications. Plus, making this list will help you ascertain the number of employees you will require for this role. For instance, if you realize that the workload is excessive, you might have to hire more than one employee. Also, it will guide you in deciding whether you want a permanent office assistant or a temporary one.

Consider Creating an Impressive Job Posting

The next step involves creating a compelling job posting. Don’t be in a rush. Take your time. Ensure the recruitment ad you create is attractive enough to catch the eye of the best candidates. Remember, the way you write your ad speaks volumes about the ethics of your company. Let interviewees come knowing that you are a professional, top company.

Putting Out the Word

The next step involves letting the word out to potential candidates. Of course, you can take your game to the internet job boards as well as social media platforms. However, an online platform is not enough. Consider it as a supplement. You can ask other professionals in the area to give you referrals. Also, consider contacting a professional recruitment agency like Luxor Staffing. Plus, you can look around your company and ascertain if you have an employee who can do the job perfectly.

Digging into the Finer Details

Call potential candidates. Try to ascertain their levels of politeness. Also, look at their verbal as well as written communication skills. Look at their spelling. Stay away from candidates who are careless with spelling mistakes. Also, look for typos. Remember, you are looking for a person who is going to act as the face of your company.

The Wow Factor in the Candidates

Go for a go-getter candidate. He/she is likely to get things done without much supervision. Besides education, look for that extra wow factor. For instance, problem-solving is a clear indication that that candidate is extremely resourceful.

The Bottom-Line

They call them secretaries. Others prefer to use the term office assistants. Whichever side you belong, these people are important in the day to day running of offices. However, you must get it right with the person you hire. With a great office assistant, things will run smoothly. The above article will help you hire the office assistant you can trust for all your office operations.