5 Types of Kitchen Cabinets to Consider for Your Upgrade Project

In 2019, 34 percent of Americans wanted to upgrade their kitchen because they no longer liked the old one. 

Outdated counters and broken down cabinets can make the kitchen look desperate for an upgrade. 

If you are wanting to fix up your kitchen at an affordable price, consider updating your cabinets or painting them for a big change. If you upgrade by painting, varnishing the wood cabinets is a very important step for the longevity of your new look.  

Continue reading to discover some of the different types of kitchen cabinets that you can include in your home! 

1. Cabinet Drawers 

An important type of cabinet that you will need in your upgraded kitchen are drawers. 

Cabinet drawers can be used for many things, not just holding the silverware. You can use this space to store canned goods, Tupperware, and junk! Custom cabinet drawers can be ordered as well.

Many people are getting drawers installed in their cabinets to maximize space. If you want cabinet drawers at an affordable price, check out shaker cabinets here.

2. Wall Cabinets

Kitchen storage space is crucial when upgrading the home.

Installing wall cabinets can be a great way to utilize space just below the ceiling. Wall cabinets are typically a foot deep, however, you can custom order them in any desired length. 

Wall cabinets are hung up on the wall and can add a unique look to a kitchen. Some people add window doors to their wall cabinets for a rustic and open look. 

3. Corner Cabinets 

Those that hate wasting space, especially when there isn’t much to work with, should look into corner cabinets.

Many types of kitchen cabinets add storage, but not all of them use the space to its fullest. 

Corner cabinets can help by using all of the space you have. They can fit awkward cooking pans for induction hobs and store food. Many people put a lazy susan in their corner cabinets to help find items easier.  

4. Base Cabinets

If you are looking for a standard cabinet for the kitchen, the base option is an excellent choice.

Base cabinets are two feet deep and three feet tall. If you have a high ceiling in your kitchen, you can custom order a specific size. Typically base cabinets rest on top of a four-inch riser or toe-kick. 

These cabinets are strong and can hold heavy items like pans and standing-mixers. 

5. Tall Cabinets

Many new homes are including tall cabinets in the kitchen.

Tall cabinets are just under seven feet tall and can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most popular uses of these cabinets is for a pantry to store food in. Some people also use this space to store brooms and other cleaning supplies.

Tall cabinets are great for smaller kitchens. They help make the walls appear larger and the room bigger. You won’t have to worry about putting groceries away with a tall cabinet in your home.  

These Types of Kitchen Cabinets Will Inspire You 

There are many different types of kitchen cabinets to choose from while upgrading your home. 

If you are wanting to make the most out of your space, tall and corner cabinets can help. These cabinets are meant to give you storage and can even help make the room look larger.

Base and wall cabinets are standard and come in most homes. They can be used to hold the microwave and all of your kitchen utensils. 

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