5 Ways To Invest Without Using The Stock Market

Investing in stocks is an age-old method of turning a dollar into five, but not everyone has the time to do the research needed to make wise investments.  The good news is that the stock market is not the only way to invest your money.  

Make investing your money a more exciting venture, and delve into the various creative options that are out there.  Take some time now, and read through this brief discussion of a few ways to invest your money without using the stock market.  

Invest in valuable stuff

You could build your future fortune by investing in valuable things.  You may enjoy the history of collecting fossils. Invest in a legit mammoth tusk, and you’ll be the coolest collector on the block.  

Legos are another sneaky investment opportunity.  Over time, Lego has built a very valuable product.  Save the legos, and you’ll be glad you did years from now.  

Invest in your education 

Spend the money you have to expand your mind.  Think of it as an upgrade. Every class or program you complete means that you’re better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.  

If you spend time and money building your intelligence, you’ll inevitably make more money in your lifetime.  Store your extra funds in an education savings account, and invest in your future.  

Invest in your home’s equity

You could choose to invest the money you have in your home.  Upgrade and remodel when you have the opportunity, and you’ll build equity in your home.  

A house you bought for $150,000 could be worth much more in 5-10 years, depending on the market and the work you put into sprucing up the place.  Research which upgrades have the best projected ROI (return on investment), and focus your energies on those areas.  

Invest in your dreams 

Your investment return doesn’t necessarily have to be in cash.  You may benefit more from investing in your dreams. Making your small dreams come true one at a time could be worth more than a dollar will ever be worth.  

Save your dough for a backpacking trip across Europe.  Save enough to purchase a new vehicle, and work up to saving sums for large goals like building your own house.  

Invest in a small business

Small businesses are at the heart of today’s thriving economy, and the reign of technology has created a level playing field for hard working entrepreneurs.  

Invest your hard-earned money in an up-and-coming small business, or start your own small business.  Just be sure to research the best way to structure your business, so the financial risk involved remains at a somewhat manageable level.

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