Ahmed Nashaat – 5 Foods to Eat in Mexico City

If you are visiting Mexico City then there are some sensational foods which you mustn’t miss out on. I was first introduced to traditional Mexican food by my buddy Ahmed Nashaat who moved down to Mexico City just after we finished college. I had tried Mexican food in the US before but the authentic stuff is by far and away the best. Having visited with Ahmed numerous times I have tried a wide range of foods which I want to recommend, and these are my top 5 which you must try. 


Pozole is a stew which is made using hominy and shredded meat, this heart-warming dish can be found throughout the city and it is a really filling dish which you’ll love. The stew is served with lettuce, radishes, white cheese, lime and plenty of salsa and it is staple of Mexican culture. Don’t underestimate how filling this dish can be when you are given the choice between medium and large. 


Chilaquiles consist of plain tortilla chips which are bathed in a green tomato salsa, dressed with cream and white cheese and an option serving of shredded chicken, beef or egg. Traditionally chilaquiles are eaten for breakfast and they are said to be the perfect hangover cure. 


Tacos are life in Mexico and you’ll find them on almost every single street corner and eatery in the city. There is a wide range of tacos which you can choose from, all different cuts of different animals, but all served in the same way. A soft, small maize tortilla filled with meat or fish, dressed with white onion, cilantro and spicy salsa with lime juice drizzled over the top. You haven’t tried tacos until you’ve had them in Mexico. 

Blue Corn Quesadillas 

The quesadillas down here are very different from the Tex-Mex varieties which we have in the USA and my favorites are the ones which are made with blue corn. Quesadillas come with a range of filings from chicken, cheese, beef and pumpkin flowers, as well as my absolute favorite huitlacoche. This is actually a fungus which grows on diseased corn, which is prepared much like mushrooms and then buried inside these beautiful maize quesadillas, a must try! 


Sold every morning and evening on the streets of Mexico City are tamales, a beautiful snack which you have to try. These snacks are made from corn dough which is slowly baked inside a banana husk and served. Often there will be filings like chicken inside the dough and it is also bathed in tangy salsa. These are very cheap and sold from bikes on the streets, once you buy it you just need to peel back the banana husk and using it as a plate, enjoy the tasty filling. Listen out for the speakerphone shouting tamales first thing in the morning and around 5 in the afternoon. 

Have you tried any of these delicious meals before?