Monitoring Your Health When You Purchase Medications Online

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It’s Extremely Easy To Get Drugs Online These Days

Depending upon your “techsavvyness”, you’d be surprised to learn how many medications are available online. All sorts of medication, from   to methadone can be acquired via the Internet. Understand that times are changing whether you want to change with them or not. Telemedicine is becoming big business. Consequently, “telemeds” are following suit.

Before a doctor prescribes medication there must be a patient-provider relationship established. Before telemedicine, this relationship was assumed to be in person. Now, with the advent of essentially “Face Timing or Skyping “ your doctor in play, this patient-provider relationship can occur between two folks who have never been close enough to shake hands.

A lack of contact can equal a lack of information on the patient. This lack can lead to prescribing meds without knowing the patient well enough. Trouble. State legislation in some areas prohibit patient-provider relationships that occur only on the Internet.

The Center for Connected Health Policy or CCHPCA, is a resource worth perusing. There are varying telehealth policies which govern how residents can acquire medicine on line, state by state. That medicine being prescription, diagnosis, and every imaginable patient-provider clinical interaction. That’s right, you can totally interact with your doctor on line. These interactions are taking the place of in-person doctor patient visits.

We know with technology the sky is the limit. That means it can start with a couple of things here and there today and skyrocket to at-home intravenous radiation treatments tomorrow. As a result, knowing what’s going on is critical to move with the times and keep your health.

Day Of The House Call Is Gone…More Interesting…What Your Insurance Will Cover?

People are lining up to take advantage of these new innovations. Techies are coming up with better and more efficient ways to deliver telemedicine to the masses. As with any new innovation, there are people on the dark web hovering like vultures to get in where they can fit in. This means more breaches in doctor-patient confidentiality, as well as identity theft opportunities. It’s a fact. Insurances are covering much of these telemedicine interactions. House calls have gone the way of the covered wagon.

Who gets caught in the middle of all of this?…we do. It goes without saying that staying on top of your health is your business. Staying on top of the innovations is your business. Making informed decisions about your healthcare and how you receive it is paramount to staying healthy and staying alive.

Common Sense

CCHPCA has an interactive map of telehealth policies around the nation. Legislation is being crafted as you read. Going forward Is the order of the day.