Home cinema seating trends that are all about your comfort

For that Star Wars marathon or rugby match, you want to be comfortable. And in a theatre style situation, it’s all about viewing angles and cushioning in all the right places.

There’s nothing quite like a lush theatre-style recliner, which is why they are the classic option for home cinemas. In the last few years, the options available have increased and now the world is truly your oyster, with styles, colours and added extras.

Make your theatre experience 4-D

To amp up your theatre viewing, D-Box seats gives you the complete immersive experience. It provides motion so you don’t just see and hear the movie, but you’re in the movie. Feel each shiver, thud and heave with the technology that makes you feel like you’re there without distracting you and taking you out of the zone.

These recliners are seriously impressive, with cup holders, LED lights, tray tables, tablet holder and even a wine glass holder. No detail has been forgotten in these amazing home theatre chairs, they are truly the best on offer. 

Chaise loungers

Not everyone likes to sit and watch movies. Some people would rather be flat-out-horizontal. Chaise loungers are the option for one, two or more people to watch the big screen in decadent comfort. These are flexible seating options too, with the option of fitting a few people, or maybe many children at a movie party. 

The only drawback with these is that they do take up more space and may require the head be at an awkward angle, so make sure the room is big enough to have a truly comfortable experience. 

Bar stools in the back row

While they aren’t comfortable for binge-watching a series of Game of Thrones, for a movie or rugby match, bar stools offer maximum seating for minimum space. Already at a comfortable height for movie viewing, place a leaner in front of them with a few bowls of snacks and everyone is happy.

These are ideal for a smaller home theatre that often hosts bigger events. The standard comfy seating at the front for the family, with a bar space at the back.

A seating pit

If you have little people, a recessed area at the front of the theatre is an excellent idea. With a few steps leading into the pit, a couple of large pillows and a bean bag or two, the kids can sprawl, wiggle and roll around all they want. Because they are a level below eye height, even when standing, they won’t impede the views of the people behind them.

Home theatre that’s true to lifeTo finish off your movie viewing, add the final frontier of theatre reality: a popcorn maker. You’ve got the complete experience now, with gorgeous comfortable seats, plenty of places for adults and kids to sit, and the smell of popcorn hanging in the air. Perfect.

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