How to Incorporate More Natural Light into Your Home

Natural light can benefit both you and your home in many ways. Making use of natural light limits the need to use lighting, meaning less to pay each month on bills and less wasted energy. Furthermore, natural light can improve your mental wellbeing and even provide you with a better night’s sleep. There are many ways that you can design your home to incorporate more natural light into your space, here are a few ways to do so. 

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Add Skylights

Skylights are a simple way to bring more natural light into your home and can be done anywhere in the home. Skylights come in all different sizes and shapes and are most often used in family rooms and bathrooms. This is something that needs to be carried out by a professional as it entails cutting a hole through the roof. These don’t just look good in the day, during a full moon these can bring in a little extra light and help you get closer to nature. 

Use Mirrors

Interior designers use mirrors in homes for many reasons. Mirrors can make rooms appear bigger than they are, but they have more purposes than just this. A well-placed mirror, usually opposite a large window, will bring in twice as much natural light into the space. Any shiny or reflective object will reflect the light back, so you don’t need to limit decoration to just mirrors. If you have any glass furniture, silver photograph frames or reflective light fixtures, use these to add to the natural lighting within a room. Decorating like this can aid in providing a well-lit room with just natural lighting. 

Choosing the Correct Colour Palette

Colour really does matter when it comes to how bright a room feels. If you use dark colours, such as blue or dark grey, the room is going to appear much duller, despite having plenty of windows. Any dark shades absorb the natural lighting and so if you’re looking to add more natural lighting, you should think about changing your colour scheme first. The best colours to use are light colours, such as white, light tan or light grey. Just like the mirrors, these colours can reflect the natural light around a space. You should also consider painting your ceiling just a few shades lighter than the rest of the room. This is a great tip for making a room feel brighter, taller and larger. 

Installing New Doors and Windows

If you want to change your whole space and bring in lots of natural light, it may be worth installing new doors and windows to your property. The home design group can work with you and your home to design bespoke doors and windows which will work in your space and provide natural lighting in all the right places. Choosing bespoke means that your windows and doors can be designed in a way that maximises space and looks great. 

These tips can all help you to bring more natural light into your home, making the space feel brighter and well-lit.