4 Methods of Guided Meditation

Group of young people doing yoga sitting on mats. Three people practicing meditation and yoga on class studio on a bright morning. Young beautiful female meditating together in a lotus position.

Meditation is about relaxing the body and mind to achieve mental clarity – how we get to this desired mental state is an individual choice and journey. 

Why Practice Guided Meditation

Practicing mindfulness and meditation is a proven remedy for multiple ailments. It is a powerful tool with helping us overcome stress, anxiety, work through mental illness, and to deal with challenging life situations leading to improved well-being and becoming emotionally stronger.

So why guided meditation? Well, we are all culprits of letting our minds wander during a meditation session. In our opinion, there are two types of wandering thoughts:

  1. We regurgitate the events of the day, and plan for tomorrow; or
  2. We explore inner peace, personal growth, relationship building, and relaxation

The latter is what we want to achieve, and guided meditation can help us.

Alternative Types of Guided Meditation

Not all guided meditation involves sitting in the asana position with closed eyes. The type of guided meditation we choose is dependant on the results we want from the session. Below are our four methods of guided meditation.

Smoking Natural Cbd

Cannabinoids (commonly known as CBD) have proven to be useful for both mental and physical illnesses. Consumers include people suffering from anxiety or depression, cancer patients during chemotherapy to relieve pain, and has demonstrated neuronal benefits. 

There are different ways to reap the benefits of CBD, including inhaling CBD Hempettes or using CBD in an oil base form. Note: We are not talking about psychedelics typically found in THC.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere. 

We recommend first to identify the negative emotion. Is it sadness, anger, disdain, or hurt? Secondly, choose a suitable activity such as walking, running, hiking, painting, or dancing.

The STOP method allows us to take the time to observe what is happening around us and proceed with the best activity to work through our behaviors.

Mantra Meditation 

A positive affirmation is repeated through our mind when we practice guided meditation. It helps to turn negative thoughts – subconsciously conjured in our mind – into a mantra. 

Mantra meditation is a powerful, guided meditation that subdues frustrations, anxieties, and depression. Professionals are trained to help us identify what our negative thoughts are, and together, we can create a case for why they are not valid. 

Box Breathing

In, two, three. Hold, two, three. Out, two, three. Hold, two, three. Repeat.

A simple task above allows us to take control of our minds. We can use this before walking into a stressful meeting or before responding to hurtful comments. It reduces stress and anger, ensuring that our response is not emotionally fuelled. 


Our final thoughts, practicing guided meditation daily can help us to become emotionally stronger. With frequent practice, we can quickly recognize a negative emotion and commence the suitable guided meditation technique before spiraling out of control.