What is a Smart Home?

Today it seems that marketing put the word ‘smart’ in front of everything. Smartphones, smart cars, smart fridges, and smart homes, to name a few. But what does the word’ smart’ denominate in the context of a house? 

Will that kind of home wake us up for work or open the garage and front door upon our return? Will it cook our food for us and spoil us? Yes and no! Smart homes cannot deploy a robot butler to tend all or needs, but it allows us to control all the appliances from the comfort of a sofa. 

Wireless Technology 

The only difference between an ordinary and a smart home is that the latter is connected to the internet. When connected on a communication network, every appliance of a house can be accessed with the help of an app. 

This means that we don’t have to rush back to our houses if we forget to turn off the oven. All it takes to correct the mistake is to connect to the communication network. Our homes are accessible to us via the internet. 

How to Build a Smart Home

Creating a smart home is easier than it sounds. All it takes is to connect to the internet. Experts design the communication network for each house and join the homes to it. How many appliances reside in the system depends on each home. 

A Personal Assistant

The closest thing smart homes have to robots are personal assistants. Although these won’t escort us to our beds nor read a bedtime story, they help with home maintenance and personal reminders.

Amazon’s Alexa, for example, does more than interact with home residents. She and other personal assistants connect different devices to the network and notify us about the state of the house. 

They protect the home from outside dangers, like burglars. If Alexa notices some suspicious activities while the owners are not present, she will activate the alarm and notify the authorities.   

The Costs

A common misconception is that these homes cost a fortune. Some believe that the luxury villas for sale in Marbella are a cheaper investment. However, a smart home is as expensive as the owner needs it to be.

Creating a communication network is not as expensive as some believe. The real costs lie in gadgets and appliances. The ideal smart home runs entirely on wireless technology, but every item in it must be up-to-date with technology. 

A Sci-Fi Home

The modern house resembles science fiction. Homes that scare off intruders, monitor the heating, and turn the oven off are the reality of today. 

The contemporary smart home can connect every appliance to its communication network. A personal assistant, like Alexa, helps the owners to manage the household. The most common myth about these types of houses is that they cost a fortune.