Put an End to Excessive Sweating, Permanently

No one particularly enjoys sweating. For those who suffer from excessive sweating conditions, life can be tainted with a sweaty and frustrating intrusion into their lives. Excessive sweat can also lead to a drop in self-confidence and a willingness to engage in social engagements.

Even the strongest antiperspirants and powders and moisture-wicking clothing simply cannot make a positive difference. While Botox does offer a solution for some patients, it is not a permanent solution to end excessive sweating. Botox will need to be repeated periodically in order to continue to enjoy the benefits of this treatment.

miraDry is a non-invasive procedure that safely eliminates excessive underarm sweat and also odor glands. If you have spent years changing your shirt frequently throughout the day or have invested a small fortune into trying out various products that all claim to help you stop sweating, then this treatment just might be for you.

How treatment works

The technology behind the miraDry procedure uses thermal energy that is directed to and absorbed by the water that is found in the sweat and odor glands located in the underarm. According to the experts at MIRA cosmetic clinic Perth, glands are destroyed by the thermal energy and will not grow back once they have been destroyed. Some patients may lose many of the hair follicles in their underarm area during the procedure. This is due to the hair follicles being in close proximity to the sweat glands in your underarms. The procedure should take about an hour from start to finish.

Does the miraDry treatment hurt?

While the thermal energy is being directed to the sweat glands, the handheld device will be delivering cooling protection for your skin. A local anesthesia will be administered prior to the procedure to further ensure your comfort during your treatment. This is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require incisions or other type of cutting. There is almost no downtime after this procedure.

You should feel no pain or discomfort during your treatment. At most, you may feel some of the cooling sensation during the procedure.

Is procedure safe?

The procedure for this treatment is considered to be exceptionally safe. It’s been seen to dramatically reduce the underarm sweat patients experience in just one appointment.

Be sure to always provide your doctor with a complete medical background so that you are assured you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Is it dangerous to remove sweat glands?

While our bodies do definitely rely on sweat glands in order to keep us cool, there are anywhere between 2 and 4 million sweat glands across our entire body. The underarm area has only 2% of these sweat glands. The elimination of just 2% of your body’s sweat glands will not in any way impact your body’s ability to cool itself. With the miraDry treatment, you’ll only experience a minimization of sweating in the underarm area. You will continue to sweat in a normal fashion in all other areas of your body.

What type of results could be expected?

It’s important to note that, just like any type of medical or cosmetic procedure, results can vary between individuals. Most patients experience an immediate and long-lasting reduction in sweating. In just one treatment there is often an average of over 80% reduction in sweat. Some patients can benefit from a second treatment, in order to maximize their results.

How much downtime is needed after the treatment?

The majority of patients are able to return to work right after treatment, but are encouraged to take a bit of time to ice their underarm areas, relax and recuperate from this non-invasive treatment.

Pain can generally be controlled by non-steroidal pain relievers, if needed. There may be some swelling in the underarm area or across the chest. It should subside within a few days.

What kind of side effects such treatments have?

This treatment offers a very strong record of safety. That said, there are some side effects that could be experienced. Side effects could vary between individuals and may also vary in severity between individuals. Some of these side effects could include tenderness and discomfort, swelling and nodularity for several weeks after treatment. In rare cases, some patients experience tinging or weakness in their fingertips, infections and abscess formation. These side effects typically resolve within a few short weeks. It’s always important to discuss any concerns that you have with your doctor.

Who is considered as a not good candidate?

While this is considered to be a very safe procedure, there are some who may not be the idea candidate for this procedure just yet. This could include those who are pregnant and breastfeeding, along with those who have an active infection in their body. Those who are more likely to see the formation of keloid scars or who have a significant amount of scarring in the underarm area may not be the ideal choice for the procedure.

Those who have a sensitivity or allergy to local anesthesia or who have a cardiac pacemaker should avoid the procedure. Cysts, hidradenitis suppurativa, along with radiation injury in the underarm can also disqualify you from the miraDry procedure.

By and large, this treatment is considered to be a very safe procedure for those who are looking to put an end to their excessive sweating.