Ageism and Women: Aging in the 21st Century

We all know that today’s standards of beauty are by no means easy to reach—at least if we are to go by the hundreds of photoshopped end edited images we see and scroll past every day. And, it has a tendency to filter our view of other people if we’re not careful. It’s no wonder, then, that ageism—discrimination or prejudice against someone because of their age—is beginning to have a larger influence in society.

Pressures of Ageism

Unfortunately, the body’s natural way of aging rarely matches these near-perfectionist standards and much of the aging process is largely out of our hands without investing a sizeable sum. But since so much cultural pressure tends to be placed on women and their physical appearance, ageism can quickly become an additional source of stress and anxiety. 

Not only does it attack the internal sense of self-worth of many women, but its effects have also begun to cause issues well beyond the bathroom mirror and has fully entered the workplace. These incidents might include not hiring an experienced and successful woman because she appears older than other interview candidates or withholding a promotion from a woman with the idea that she’s “had her turn.” These acts or even just attitudes of prejudice stifle the talents of many individuals, which means that all of us miss out on the benefits that a victim of discrimination could have contributed. 

Making a Change

But, it doesn’t have to stay that way. The more that we, as a society, educate ourselves about these issues, the easier it is for us to recognize them. And not only recognize them but to handle them in a way that is effective and beneficial for all involved without becoming prejudiced ourselves.

You can be a part of this change. We believe that we can work together to change this lopsided structure in society and allow more equal opportunities to those who have genuine talents to merit them.