5 Ways Makeup Affects Your Skin

Many of us use makeup to boost our confidence or to express ourselves creatively. Some of us may know the effects different makeup products have on our skin, but having a makeup routine is such an ordinary and necessary thing in today’s culture that the effects are easy to overlook. However, the bad effects of makeup don’t mean it’s all bad.

There are so many cosmetic companies that work with makeup day in and day out; here are five things we’ve found that makeup is doing to your skin and what you can do to combat them:

Clogging Pores

This is perhaps the most well-known side effect. Sleeping in makeup may make it easier to get ready in the morning, but it comes at a cost. This is also true for products intended to last longer without fading. To avoid this, make a habit of thoroughly cleaning off makeup with a quality chemical exfoliator.


It might not seem like a big deal to share makeup brushes, but remember that makeup is applied around the eyes, mouth, and nose. These are all prime places for illness to enter the body and you never know when the other person may be getting over a cold or may have had pink eye. Look for ways to properly sanitize your brushes and pay attention to expiration dates on your products to avoid bacteria.

Skin Irritation

It’s possible for makeup to literally rub you the wrong way, including by triggering allergies. The ingredients in makeup products are not always as regulated as they should be, so be sure to check them before applying a new product. You can also test the product on the skin of your wrist for any negative reactions.

Premature Aging

Another potential side effect of using makeup is premature aging. This mostly occurs if you wear makeup overnight, causing the products to deepen wrinkles. Most of us don’t wear sunscreen when we’re wearing makeup either, which means our skin may be exposed to sun damage. So be sure to keep a regular routine of washing your face every night and keeping some SPF handy. 


This is a less-known side effect, but it’s very real. If you find yourself having headaches often throughout the day, it may be the amount or type of makeup you are wearing. Certain ingredients and fragrances can have this effect on the body, so try cutting back to see if it helps.

The good news is that you can still wear makeup! The more negative effects are preventable and treatable with a regular cleaning routine and an awareness of product ingredients. This may mean rethinking your routine, but it also means you can keep the confidence and the creativity flowing!