Kersh Law Firm – Personal Skills All Great Lawyers Must Have

Beyond the high level of intelligence that a lawyer must have there are also a number of personal skills and attributes which all great lawyers possess. If you have any kind of dreams or hopes that you will one day become a lawyer then it is important that you too possess these same skills. TO find out exactly what skills the very best lawyers have, I spoke to a few of my friends who work for the fantastic Kersh law firm, who were more than happy to share the particular attributes which all the very best lawyers have. 

Work Ethic

My friends told me that the very best lawyers are always the hardest working and this is something which really helps to set them apart from the rest. Law students must work ridiculously hard in order to gain the knowledge that they will need to succeed in the world of law and the large majority of students do this. Once they enter the world of law as a career however many lower the amount of time that they work and this is why only the very best have the work ethic  which they had in law school and they won’t rest until the job is done. 

Communication Skills

Communication skills for a lawyer are very important as they need to be able to speak well publicly and privately, they must also be able to speak very clearly with their own team in order to ensure that their message is clear and understandable. What many people forget about communication skills however is that it goes both ways and this is why the best lawyers in the business are those who also know how to listen. Communication is also going to be necessary in paperwork that lawyers fill out, where they will also need to ensure that they are clear and precise with what they are saying. 


The very best lawyers are able to look at all sides of an argument and then use each side of the argument to further promote their own. Within their careers lawyers must have to persuade their own team about a certain strategy which he or she thinks is right, and they will also have to persuade a judge and jury that their client is in the right. This is a skill which can be worked on but the majority of great lawyers are those who were born with the ability to make people see things their way. 


Empathy is a characteristic which we don’t often see in the world of law which is why only the very best lawyers have this trait. Legal issues affect lives on a daily basis and it is the consequence of these issues which can do great damage. A lawyer must be able to understand the plight which people are in and then carry themselves accordingly. 

Do you have the skills that are required to be a great lawyer?

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