Unconventional Skincare Treatments Are Becoming More Popular

We live in an era where everything that seems weird is the most used or purchased thing – we’ve seen many strange product launches from prominent brands in the world.

With so many products available on the market, it’s logical that companies try everything to stand out from the crowd, and that translates into making extravagant and innovative products. 

Often times, strange products don’t work, but it isn’t the case in these new skincare treatments that are becoming more popular each day! 

We all have a skincare routine that we follow religiously, but there’s nothing wrong with trying new things every once in a while. Now, let’s look at some new, unconventional skin treatments.

CBD Skincare

With the legalization and rise of CBD in the market, it’s no surprise that we see CBD-infused skincare products. If anyone’s wondering about where to buy CBD oil, look no further, it’s all at the reach of our fingertips.

This component is proven to restore the moisture on the skin, clear dark spots, and in some cases, it could even help with blemishes. Many companies have launched CBD-infused serums, cleansers, toners, foundation, and even eyeshadow!

If the customer feels curious about whether or not it works, they should try it for themselves. Many people claim that it does wonders for their skin. But as with everything, it all comes down to each person and their needs. 

Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian was the one to start this trend. She is such a trendsetter, and when she posted about this treatment, everyone was doing it! 

Yes, it is what everyone’s thinking – it involves blood. But don’t worry, it isn’t someone else’s blood. 

This treatment basically consists of extracting blood from the patient and then injecting their own plasma into the skin using a needle or microdermabrasion device. All the blood is what gives it its vampire reputation; the customer ends up covered in their own blood, and they may need some time to rest. 

Injecting plasma on the skin causes the cells to produce more collagen to heal those cuts, giving a brighter and youthful complexion. The vampire facial is safe if performed by a certified professional. 

Some establishments don’t take safety measures, and it can lead to diseases like hepatitis or HIV, all due to the blood and the device involved in the treatment.


This treatment has many benefits, and one of them is restoring the firmness of the skin and giving the customer a youthful appearance. 

Some scientists claim that cryotherapy can exfoliate dead cells on the skin, and therefore the skin feels strengthened and tighter.

Many people go into this treatment thinking that it will be like a cold breeze, but it’s not! Remember that cryotherapy involves freezing or below-freezing temperatures. It has many benefits, but some customers can’t deal with the coldness.

Final Thought

Skincare should be applied in a routine, but sometimes we want to try something different. Companies bring out many innovative products that seem fun to try, and some treatments sound crazy but actually have many benefits. 

Explore every option; there’s nothing wrong in wanting to try something different.