Which Cool Musical Genre Should Feature at Your Event?

According to a recent CBS poll, the most popular music genres in the U.S. are country and rock, while other favorites include pop, classical, R&B, hip hop or rap, jazz, and Christian music. But what’s the coolest musical genre for an event? Just about everyone enjoys some type of music, and choosing the right tunes whether for a VIP dinner, a networking event, a big birthday bash or something else.

A successful event almost always involves great entertainment, but the particular music genre really depends on the guest list and the type of function itself.

A Formal VIP Dinner

Since different genres of music have differing associations, piano music can be a natural fit for a formal VIP dinner. It’s ideal when hosted in a home, restaurant or another venue that already has a piano. Classical piano generally works the best, but any style played on the instrument, providing the voices of everyone can be heard, can add a wonderfully cool ambiance to fit the mood of the event. 

Networking Event

Different goals can be fulfilled with different styles of music for a corporate event such as a welcome dinner or other types of networking functions. Booking one of the jazz bands for hire may be perfect, as this genre works from the initial meet-and-greet through dinner and the post-dinner part of the evening. It can help set a relaxed scene from the outset, while being loud enough to be enjoyed by everyone yet quiet enough not to disturb conversation. You might want to add a singer or saxophonist for the latter part of the evening when guests are more likely to be listening to the band than chatting.

Charity Events

While a comedic percussion act might sound fun for a business event, it probably won’t convey a vibe that matches the tone required by a fundraising event. Instead, think uplifting and inspirational. Positive upbeat songs are a must to music that creates joy and other positive emotions. Pop, rock, and R&B can all work for this – maybe book a cover band that plays a mix of music styles or a DJ. Tunes like Happy by Pharrell Williams, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, You’ve Got the Love – Florence + the Machine and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ for “believing you can make a difference,” are just a few ideas that are sure to get everyone in the giving mood.

Themed Party

Obviously, for a themed party, the theme of the event will dictate the type of musical genre that works best. This is where you can really get creative – perhaps a throwback to the 1970s, with classic disco tunes like The Hustle and Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees, or the Roaring ’20s featuring hits like Louis Armstrong’s West End Blues or Fats Waller’s Ain’t Misbehavin’.

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