Weed Money: How to Make Bank Off of Marijuana Without Selling the Stuff


Our culture is embracing the use of marijuana at a fast rate. No longer do people need to feel ashamed or like criminals to partake in its use.

With all the excitement over the legalization of marijuana in states like Colorado, people are capitalizing on the profits.

But some people want to earn weed money without the hassle of selling marijuana. 

No need to worry. If you want to make a profit from pot without handling it, keep reading to learn how.

How To Earn Weed Money

We could all use some extra cash. Nowadays it’s not only hip but necessary to have a side hustle. If you’re knowledgeable about the weed industry, this might be the right niche for you.

The marijuana industry is heating up with no end in sight. As more states legalize weed the need for recreational marijuana products, paraphernalia, and dispensaries increase.

With so many options for increasing your cash flow, it could be tough to find the best option. But we have compiled thirteen of the most exciting methods to mix money and weed.

1. Cultivation Consultant

Do you have the experience and information that could help businesses grow? Then becoming a cultivation consultant is the right choice.

Cultivation consultants use their weed knowledge to assist others in growing quality marijuana. 

While it doesn’t sound like getting marijuana to grow should be challenging it requires some know-how. 

A cultivation consultant should be able to answer questions about growing, the right conditions for cultivating, and proof of experience from past clients. 

Although a person with experience in traditional crop cultivation could transition into weed cultivation, the critical thing to remember is you should enjoy being a consultant.

If you want to get started, read up on the marijuana market for your state. Become familiar with the laws, marijuana business owners, and network with other industry insiders.

2. Create Cannabis-Centered Items

People flock to the internet for everything. So buying weed merchandise from someone on eBay or Etsy shouldn’t surprise you.

If you have an artistic flair try making t-shirts, water-bottles, cozy’s, or mousepads with the weed symbol. 

Want to take it a step further? Create a logo and sell branded merchandise. 

In no time your side business can flourish if you market it well and get influential people to endorse your products.

3. Sell Pipes and Vape Pens

When it comes to weed it has many uses. But pipes and vape pens are still popular methods of smoking it.

Selling pipes, vape pens, or the rolling paper is a great way to earn money off of marijuana. It’s a way to satisfy a need without the annoyance of dealing with laws tied to selling weed.

It’s up to you whether a traditional store or online only store works best. But to cut down on cost starting online may be cheaper unless you know of a place like a pawnshop that is willing to let you rent out space in their business.

Whichever you decide selling pipes and pens is sure to bring in the bank.

4. Rent Your Home on Bud and Breakfast

People love to travel. It gives them a way to see the world, but appreciate their home upon return. 

Many people use Airbnb because of the convenience of staying in someone else’s home. It’s like your home but sometimes better!

Unfortunately, if you want to indulge in smoking herb while away you run the risk of harassment or getting in trouble.

Now those worries can fade away! Bud and Breakfast is the weed-friendly version of Airbnb.

Bud and Breakfast allow people to rent their homes out to guests who also smoke marijuana. 

If you have a room or property to rent out, it’s a fantastic way to make extra dough while accommodating pot smokers. 

5. Open a Cannabis Lab

Cannabis labs are a necessity. They provide the research needed to test for chemicals like pesticides and molds. 

By starting a cannabis lab, you’re sure to receive steady revenue from the state.

Be sure you research before jumping into this venture as the regulations involved could draw out the length of planning to the grand opening.

6. Start a Cannabis Blog

Starting a cannabis blog can be lucrative if done right. Cannabis is big business but writing about it is necessary too. 

When people want information about cannabis-related topics, they do quick searches online. If your blog uses SEO, it can jump to the top of search results — bringing more traffic to your site.

By increasing the traffic you can earn money through selling products, tickets to events, write sponsored posts, and receive donations.

The cannabis culture is broad, so finding a niche could help you target more customers. 

7. Sell CBD Items

Some of the most popular marijuana-related items to sell are Cannabidiol or CBD products. The reason CBD oil appeals to so many are the benefits it provides. CBD oil is linked to reducing menstrual cramps, anxiety, depression, acne, and nausea.

Because of the many uses of CBD oil, buyers have the opportunity to get it in cream, edible, drinks, capsule, gummies, vape juice, and tincture form. 

Different methods of ingestion produce faster results. 

The reason for using it and the amount taken also impact how fast it works. 

If you’ve never used CBD oil products, do your homework. Then you can decide which product to sell. 

8. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are fantastic once your website or blog is receiving steady traffic. These programs work by signing up with companies who pay commission for sending traffic to their sites. 

Once you’ve set up an advertising campaign to send them traffic by clicking on links from your website you can earn money any time of the day or night.

9. Promote Or Host a Cannabis Event

Are you good at promotion? Then becoming a cannabis event promoter may be for you. 

Every year there are marijuana-themed events and conventions in the U.S. Using your skills to market an event could earn you some nice income. 

If you already have marketing connections, then you need to expand your contacts to include marijuana enthusiasts. The people you tell about the event don’t have to be weed smokers either. But they could own marijuana businesses or know people who do.

If promotions aren’t your thing, planning and hosting an event might be better. Some people enjoy the process of putting together a party or concert, especially if it’s for a good cause. 

Depending on your state and the type of function you want, there could be permits to get. But if you find it fun and get paid for it, then it’s a win-win situation. 

10. Cannabis Stocks

Ever thought of investing some money into cannabis stocks? Then maybe you should consider it.

Stocks can be risky as they fluctuate up and down. But choosing the best time to buy and sell could give you a nice payday.

Since you don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash, you should consult with a financial advisor before investing.

11. Bake Edibles

Smoking weed and eating snacks go hand-in-hand. Now there’s a way to combine the best of both worlds.

Marijuana edibles provide the tasty indulgence of baked goods mixed with weed. 

Edibles not only provide a recreational high but also medicinal relief for people too sick to smoke it.

If you have experience in the culinary arts or love baking, then it’s worth a shot. Of course, state laws and regulations play a role so educate yourself before going into the edibles business.

12. Weed Themed Subscription Box

Subscription boxes provide monthly delivery of items for a variety of uses. Some subscription boxes offer meals, Harry Potter memorabilia, or writing merchandise. 

But starting a weed-themed subscription box could bring in the bucks. The possibilities are endless when thinking of products to send weed users. 

By thinking outside the box, your subscription might fill a void in the current market.

Conduct some research and make a list of what you saw and what you didn’t see. Creating a list will help you develop a subscription box good enough to compete with the Daily High Club.

13. Food Truck

As mentioned before, potheads love to eat. So why not take your food truck to an area with heavy smoker traffic?

Parking outside of dispensaries, weed conventions, or events is sure to get you some cash. 

Want to take it up a notch? Then tailor your menu to include munchie themed items.

Start Earning Some Cash

So now that you know which weed money ventures could earn you some cash make your choice. Although some of these won’t be overnight successes, they could become lucrative over time. Remember, businesses do require work. But if you enjoy it, you’ll never feel like it’s work.

For more money tips, search our website for helpful articles.

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