Preventative Maintenance Can Save On Home Repairs

Home repairs can really add up over the course of time, which can put a heavy dent in any budget. Whether you have recently purchased a home, or want to take precautionary measures to help reduce the risk of costly repairs and even replacements, consider doing some of these preventative measures. Most are inexpensive and relatively easy to accomplish. Don’t wait until a problem begins to make itself known. Go ahead and invest in a more secure household, while protecting the value of the home and the health of the inhabitants.

Roof Maintenance

A roof is essential to the integrity of any building and is a first line of defense against the elements and other hazards. The roof should be a top priority in the effort to help keep repair costs to a minimum. Before soft spots and water damage begin to weaken the integrity of the roof, make sure to regularly sweep leaves and twigs off. If allowed to stay, this debris will retain moisture and make a home for pests. If there is an issue with getting on the roof to do this yourself, there are plenty of companies who can come take care of it for a reasonable price.

Another way to protect the roof is to regularly check the ridge, soffit, flashing, and underlying membrane for problems like pests, rotting, mold, and weather related damage. When these parts of the roof begin to deteriorate is can cause a domino effect and even create the need to replace the roof sooner than necessary. Roofs should only be replace every 10 to 20 years with regular maintenance.

Window And Pipe Care

What do windows and pipes have in common? They need to be properly sealed and require regular care to help keep the risk of water damage and mold to a minimum. When it comes to pipes, home owners should have a licensed plumber clean and inspect the pipes a few times per year. If there are any leaks or areas that aren’t properly sealed, it can be correctly properly during the maintenance call. Additionally, if there are clogs and broken pipes, measures can be taken immediately to control the situation and restore the pipes to their original condition.

Windows can leak without being sealed properly. Over time, a leaky window can allow moisture to enter the home and can cause the frame to rot. This then allows mold and mildew to begin to grow around the frame and inside of the surrounding walls. If left untreated, the mold can spread throughout the home and cause costly damage that is difficult to fix.

Basement Precautions

Basements are notorious for creating problems for homeowners, especially when it comes to damage from moisture and flooding. One of the most important ways to protect a basement is through professional basement waterproofing. This easy fix will prevent moisture from seeping in and also help prevent flooding. Another way to help add a layer of security is by adding a sump pump. Be sure to also inspect any windows or doorways in the basement regularly to help catch issues before they become costly.

Preventative measures can save a homeowner thousands of dollars and helps increase the value of the home. Consider these easy and effective actions that will help maintain a healthier environment and protect you and your family from damage related dangers.