10 of the Most Perfect Food and Sparkling Wine Combinations

There are a lot of fantastic food and sparkling wine pairings. Regardless of it being a Spanish Cava, a French Champagne, or an Italian Prosecco, you will surely discover excellent food pairing choices for numerous sparkling wines.

Know more about the greatest sparkling wine and food pairings that are loved by many by reading the article below.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is recognized as the most technicalized wine known to man. What makes it so unique is that it did not undergo only a single fermentation process, but also a second process to create bubbles.

During the whole wine making procedure, the winemaker is given numerous choices that will significantly affect the taste of the finished wine. Due to this, a lot of people have inevitably discovered numerous styles of sparkling wines.

Food that Goes with Sparkling Wine 

All Kinds of Asian Dishes

Asian Cuisine can be described as a manner of tradition and cooking that is connected to a particular culture. Asia, which is the biggest continent on Earth houses countless cuisines and cultures. 

Despite the differences, many types of Asian dishes share a lot of common characteristics. Ingredients such as Sesame seeds, Rice, Soy, Ginger, Dried Onions, Tofu, Garlic, and Chilies are added in most Asian foods. 

Cooking methods like stir-frying and steaming are also usual in each Asian eateries.


Caviar is fish eggs or roe, which are sifted to get rid of fatty membrane and tissues, and subtly salted using non-iodized salt. The method in making caviar is an age-old curing and preserving process which is still used today.


Cheese is a nutritious delicacy that is created mostly with cow milk of other animals like yaks, sheep, camels, goats, reindeer, and buffalos. 

People started to raise animals and manufacture their milk around 4000 years in the past. Due to this development, cheese was discovered.

Cream Sauces

Any ordinary food can become special by using an excellent cream sauce. It is identical to common Bechamel or white sauce yet has a richer taste.

Regardless of it having additional ingredients or being basic, Cream Sauce is a remarkable sauce used to put out with fish fillets, chicken, or shrimp and it would only take a few minutes to prepare. 

Deep-Fried Foods

Deep frying is a popular cooking approach throughout the Earth. It’s usually done by fast-food chains and restaurants as a fast and inexpensive way to cook food.

A lot of individuals adore fried dishes and their tastes. But these cuisines usually have high trans fat and calories, so consuming numerous fried food will bring negative things to your health.

Fish and Shellfish

Whether it’s from Italy, California, Spain, or France, sparkling wine is perfect for seafood. Although light beers go well with fried seafood, a lot of wines exhaust its charm when paired with a dense beer batter or tempura. 

But with sparkling wine, its bubbles prevail through the heaviness of fried food as if it were created to accompany the dish.

Potato Chips

The pairing of potato chip salt and oil with the acidity of sparkling wine is guaranteed to be perfect.

You may be accustomed to combining sparkling wine and classy cuisines and might perceive that the pair of potato chips and sparkling wine is a little outlandish.

However, this type of food and wine combination is excellent proof that sometimes pairing guides aren’t meant to be followed.

Salty Foods

Sparkling wine is very conveniently versatile so that it can be paired with almost everything. Moreover, their minerality and bubbly texture hint that these types of wines go particularly well with briny, salty foods. 

Furthermore, as an added bonus, the food’s saltiness increases the delicate fruity taste of the wine and also decreases its acidity.

Savory Turnovers

Turnovers are types of pastries that are created by putting filling on the dough, folding it over, sealing it, and afterward baking the filling filled dough. 

It can be either savory or sweet and are usually produced as a type of portable dessert or meal, identical with a sandwich.

Smoked Salmon

This is a heavy type of salmon which is not usually served alone and is preferred at breakfast with toast, bagels, salty capers, and cream cheese. 

The key is to pair this dish with wine that has significant acidity and a pop of tastiness to go with the intense salty and fishy taste. This is the reason that is loved with sparkling wine.


Sparkling wine’s natural bubbles gives you an extra coating of versatility when pairing. Simultaneously, the wine’s beloved acidity has a butter-laden and rich contribution to your palate.

Most importantly, you don’t need to hash out a ton of money on wine to achieve the perfect pairing. A lot of sparkling wines are budget-friendly and it’s astonishing how a small spritz can liven up the dessert and dinner table.

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