Abuse in Nursing Homes Happens Too

Care Worker Mistreating Senior Man At Home

Many of us send our loved ones to a nursing home when they get older or terminally ill. We are often working and don’t have the time to be able to care for them 24/7. So, we try to find a solution, and a home seems like a good idea.

You hope that you’ve homed them somewhere in which they’ll be well cared for, be able to enjoy themselves, and make new friends. But, did you know that abuse happens in some homes as well? Do your research before housing someone you care for deeply.

What Does Abuse Consist Of?

Abuse in a nursing facility would be when a member of staff intentionally causes any harm, pain, or suffering to a resident. This is awful and shouldn’t happen. Some may defend themselves, saying that they couldn’t take any more. But, in no case should it be acceptable.

Those from Steinberg Goodman & Kalish say that “nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect have become all too common.” An unfortunate reality. Sexual and emotional abuse are also common, sadly.

What to Do If You Witness It

You need to report it. Depending on what you think, the situation at the home is like will mold your decision. The first person to go to would be the person in charge of the residence. But, if you suspect it goes further than the abuser, perhaps the police is the best call.

You need to inform the police in any case. Don’t be afraid to talk to and hire a lawyer if you want to take any action. It’s a serious matter.

Neglect Also Counts

Neglect is another form of abuse, even if it isn’t as obvious. Keep an eye on your family members and look for signs that they may be being neglected. Weight loss, poor hygiene, and extreme hunger are a few things to note. 

Any changes to the person you are visiting should be reported the person running the place. They will be able to tell you why it’s happening if it’s natural. 

So, Take Care 

Do as much research into the home before you consider it as an option. You want your mom, dad, or any other family member to enjoy every moment they have as much as they can. 

A nursing home should be somewhere to feel that you are looked after and safe. It is not a place for abuse and neglect.