How to eat, drink and stay healthy while traveling

It is a common saying that traveling is medicine for your soul. For people who are working on regular day jobs, a prospect at traveling the world might seem really exciting and out of the box. It gives them a chance to explore new destinations and possibilities.

But traveling, especially regularly, may not be as glamorous as it may seem. It can take a toll on your mental and physical health, and seriously affect your lifestyle, habits and body rhythms. Maintaining your health while staying on the move becomes quite a difficult and challenging task for many.

But staying healthy while you are traveling may not be as difficult too, if you try to analyse and work on the different aspects of your travel routine. Howsoever much tedious and packed your travel plans may be, you can always tweak them to get the most out of the adventure and fun part.

Stay amply hydrated

Research shows that approximately 70 % of the human body is made up of water. This suffices to say that staying properly hydrated will prevent dehydration or muscle cramps. It helps to make your skin look clear and definitely improve the overall functioning of your body. 

You can grab a water bottle and sip up some water now and then. Or if you want a more reliable source of clean and fresh drinking water, you can go for a Berkey filter system. They are portable water filters with a sleek and ergonomic design. They are extremely useful especially in camping and mountain trekking trips where packaged water bottles might not be available.

Food is your fuel

Traveling is an energy-intensive activity because it requires you to be on the move all the time to adequately explore the place you have visited. And to produce such large amounts of energy with constancy, your body requires wholesome and nutritious food.

Unlike most people who begin their day with a sip of caffeine, only to put the first morsel of food during lunch – Don’t, under any circumstances, skip your breakfast. A healthy breakfast ensures a good jump start for your metabolism, which will provide you with endurance and stamina for the activities spread out throughout the day.

Also, rather than gobbling up your food all at once, make sure that the food you consume should be divided into several small meals at regular intervals. This will avoid bloating and indigestion, which is enough to hold you down for a day or two.

A little exercise each day will go a long way

Contrary to popular belief that exercising drains out all the energy from the body, it in-fact helps to maintain your energy levels. It also boosts up your stamina and endurance, making it easy for you to stay attentive and active at all times.

You can join a local gym temporarily if you wish to stay at the place for a relatively longer period. Or you can always try out calisthenics, yoga or simple stretching in your hotel room.

Apart from all the above, do make sure that you are not stressing yourself too much. Do not aim to cover an entire city in one day, and then just quickly move on. Try to cover places one by one, so that that you have enough time to know about that place properly. And don’t forget to take breaks whenever you feel overwhelmed, or even otherwise. Meditation and breathing exercises are also an effective way of relaxing your mind and body.

If you keep all the above things in mind, you will come out great with your travel plans.

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