4 of the Best Youtube Banner Templates and Why They Matter


Did you know that 90% of the information that gets transferred to our brains is visual? Visuals get processed at a whopping 60,000 times faster than plain-ol’ text.

This astounding fact proves one big thing for your YouTube channel — YouTube banner templates matter.

That’s the creative logo that heads the top of your YouTube page, and what all the people who go to your site see first. And since you have less than fifteen seconds to wow them, it matters. Your bounce rate is a way to measure your page’s quality — so if people are leaving, what’s that say about your quality?

We’ve got four great examples of stand-out logos, plus reasons why they’re so effective. Keep reading for inspiration!

1. 3 Easy Summer Salads

This example, one of many YouTube banner templates provided by Adobe, doesn’t have to sell you a product or service to be effective. It’s selling a lifestyle — one of a healthy, organized, prepared individual. 

The text, 3 Easy Summer Salads, is the forefront of the template. The background is a trifecta of stunning visuals, showing crisp lettuce, juicy berries, and chopped tomatoes.

Consider making specific templates such as this for every video on your channel!

2. Make Wow.

Adobe Creative Cloud has a perfect example of a unique image that will impress your viewers. Their template features a man blowing into a balloon — that’s filled with water and houses a shark. This image is telling of the creativity you’ll be able to tap into with Adobe.

The accompanying text, Make wow., makes people feel that they, too, can make “wow” with this program.

3. Tasty

While scrolling Facebook, you’ve likely seen the short, sweet, and scrumptious videos provided by the food channel Tasty. Their logo is much like their videos: to the point and visually appealing. It features their name in a whimsical font atop a background of watermelon, donuts, hot dogs, and more!

There’s something to be said about simplicity.

Don’t believe us? 

Then answer one question for us: why does Tasty have 8.9 million subscribers — more than any other food channel?

4. Zoella

Zoella, or Zoe Sugg, knows the power of simple elegance.

Her banner features her name written in sparkling gold. Below it are the words Life, Beauty & Chats, which says what you can expect to find on her channel.

Perhaps what makes this template so appealing is its typography. It displays a light-heartedness, fun, and style. Having a font that matches your personality is key to a memorable logo.

Qualities of Great YouTube Banner Templates

We’ll go over a short list of what makes a YouTube banner perfect:

  • Must have desktop- and mobile-friendly sizes
  • Should have high-quality, high-resolution imagery
  • Must tell a story, touch on a lifestyle
  • Show, not tell
  • Should display your brand name
  • Must be true to you!

As long as your banner is a good representation of your brand, your viewers will recognize that. Keep it authentic and personal — and people will remember you.

Banner? I Don’t Even Know Her!

All right, YouTubers, you’re one step closer to creating a perfect page! With inspiration from these YouTube banner templates, you should have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. 

Keep taking a look around our blog for more information like this. We’ve got articles on anything from customer loyalty to productivity tips for creatives.

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