How to Choose an Internal Newspaper Template

An internal newsletter is an important communication tool between a company’s management and its employees. Creativity in the whole design of the newspaper template plays a great part in giving an end product that’s engaging and fun to read while maintaining the brand. The templates should be stylish and at the same time, functional. A well-designed template eases the passing of information. 

You can create your template or go to the internet where there’s a myriad of free newsletter templates that one can pick from, and easily create a newsletter after making some adjustments to fit passing the information. Pick a layout that will synchronize with your text and multimedia needs. Available tools will enable you to personalize the final look by adding videos, photos, fonts and corporate colors for branding purposes. 

Below are newspaper template designs loved by employees:

Text-focused design

This template works by engaging with the employees through text alone. It purposes to keep text-only content exciting even without the use of images in case they’re unavailable or unnecessary. It comes out as a straightforward template that’s easy and directly passes on the information.

Video template

It creates a platform for sharing video content with the employees. This could be after an event, a speech, concert or any other relevant information that management would want to share with the employees. This works well because it gives the employees a platform to engage in by sharing views and giving feedback.

News feed template

With engaging features that emulate social media platforms, this newspaper template means that employees can scroll down for more information. It creates an exciting reading experience where one engages in one piece of information at a time, and it works for both mobile devices and desktop computers. It’s a great way of presenting a large amount of information easily.

Story card template

This design supports long newsletters that have larger content that has different information in a consistent and organized way. It reduces clutter by offering up to three column sections which can be numbered or color-coded to create separation on the stories.

Listicle template

This newspaper template allows the user to sum up a long list of articles hence making it easy for the reader to scan through and easily find links to the full article. The template gives ease of visibility to a lot of content links on the same page with minimal scrolling.

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