inCruises Company Review

The face of travel has changed a lot over recent years. There are so many options out there, and there are so many ways for people to explore and book their own experiences. It is a great time to see the world! With any good thing, though, you have to ask if there can be too much of it. All those choices out there for travel experiences can make it hard to narrow it down to just one, let alone the right one. How do you cut through the noise to get the experience you want for the price you need?

One new option out there is a unique travel company called inCruises. The key word in that sentence is unique. The company began in 2016, and it is already changing how people think about travel. Let’s explore that industry disruption with an inCruises review.

Company Model

inCruises combines a number of popular business models. First, there is cruising. People who enjoy cruising tend to view it as the best way to travel. The ability to move from one travel destination to another while having a great time en route is an attractive travel experience.

On top of that, inCruises uses a membership model that is really changing the way people cruise. People join inCruises as members, usually at a rate of $100 per month. Members of inCruises review their travel options and book their trips through the inCruises website. Membership dues are virtually doubled as the $100 per month translates into 200 Cruise Dollars to be used for booking trips. The company gives members access to a wide array of cruises while saving money through membership rewards.

Members can take their experience with inCruises a step further by recruiting other members. By doing so, they can earn free memberships and other benefits. People can make their membership a business opportunity by becoming an inCruises partner. Partners can earn commissions, and a complimentary membership simply by recruiting five additional members.

While the company is young, inCruises benefits from experienced leadership and a corporate vision that people can get behind. When people see a lot of the world, they can see the need to give back. inCruises partners with the Make a Wish Foundation to provide free cruises to children with serious medical conditions.

inCruises Review: The Cruiser’s Choice

An inCruises review must take into consideration the audience the company is targeting. The company’s model is clearly designed for people who love cruising and view it as at least one of their primary means of vacationing. People can use inCruises to review travel options and get great deals, or they can build upon that by making it a business opportunity. It is a unique way for people who love cruising to get more out of their travel.

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