Unique Places to Travel to This Summer

The world is full of unique destinations to travel, both abroad and in a person’s own country. However, many places aren’t well-known, so they don’t receive as much hype as others. People end up traveling to the same tourist destinations that everyone else does. Lesser-known destinations don’t receive nearly the recognition they should, though.

Had Ness, Israel 
Had Ness is a community in Golan Heights in Israel. It’s situated beside the Jordan River and only has a population of 839 individuals, as reported by a census survey in 2017. Despite its small stature, the city is known for a few of its luxury resorts. For instance, Eden’s Boutique is a resort with five, lavish suites. The spa center features a heated indoor pool. It’s simple to book a vacation with the spa via its online reservations option.

Dongchuan, Red Land in China

Dongchuan Red Land is a gorgeous site to see. A person won’t find anywhere else quite like it in the world. The soil in incredibly element-rich, in particular with iron and aluminum. Because of this, spectators will notice the fields are colored with bright hues of red. Since some of the crops remain green, the land forms patterns of the two colors. When paired with the blue sky and white clouds, the area looks much like a fantasy.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

The Ukraine is known for its old-world charm. It’s still rich with history, and the current residents continue to uphold the current traditions. However, there’s more to the Ukraine. The Chernobyl disaster made history. Tourists may visit the site and see where the world’s first, large power plant accident occurred. They offer tours for groups and individuals. Once done with this site, visitors may take a trip to the ghost town of Pripyat or even venture to the nearby forest.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is a destination in Germany. This castle took a great deal of time to create, 17 years to be exact. Truly, the castle looks like something from a fairy tale. This could be why the castle was the inspiration for the castle in the book, “Sleeping Beauty.” Ludwig II of Bavaria was responsible for building this castle, and he built two others as well. This particular castle receives over one million visitors each year.

The world is filled with places to discover. While certain areas are more well-known as travel destinations, there are so many other places out there for people to explore. These are just a few of the places.

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