Anatoly Loktionov’s luxury lifestyle

Allegedly, the most high-profile oil offender – Anatoly Loktionov

The ex-vice-president of the Rosneft company, Anatoly Gavrilovich Loktionov, allegedly used to sell oil and petroleum products abroad illegally for about ten years. He allegedly managed a safe scheme of laundering public money. The overall loss by the state from his sneaky moves is said to around 1.3 billion dollars. He is alleged to have spent all the money on the high-end real estate in Russia and Europe as well as on yacht and various assets to enhance his luxury living.

How Loktionov Got Rich

Initially he used to work in the Petro Trade company as a general director and on the machine-building Znamya Truda plant in Moscow.

He entered the most profitable sector of the Russian economy in the late 1990s when he was hired at the well-known Rosneft company.

From 1998 through 2006, as general director of the leading oil company Anatoly, Gavrilovich Loktionov managed to seize over 1 billion dollars.

A full-fledged scam was alleged in 2000 when he started a Geneva company, named Energo Impex. While abusing his high-ranking position, Loktionov set up an oil and petroleum product supply to Geneva.

His allegedly illegal activities started to come to light, but it is believed that he continued with his money laundering schemes. He is alleged to have renamed Energo Impex to Highlander International Trading in an attempt to cover his fraudulent activity. The new organisation joined Fleming Family and Partners, an investment fund, as a large shareholder.

The move is alleged to have helped conceal his scheme.

Loktionov, it is said, managed to export approximately 30 million tons of oil and petroleum products for those 10 years while the fund operated. This was half of the overall amount of products sold by the Rosneft abroad. The losses by the state-owned company skyrocketed during this time:

  • 1,194,000 dollars in 2002;
  • 4,711,000 dollars in 2003;
  • 10 million dollars in 2005

Stock fraud is alleged to be the next step, apparently making him 280 million dollars richer. Anatoly Gavrilovich Loktionov is alleged to have purchased a block of shares for 20 million dollars, passed them to the Highlander International Trading company and sold them back to Rosneft for 300 million dollars.

After that he may have used Swiss bank BNP Paribas specialists to launder his illegal earnings. They had a strategy of organising the offshore companies so that they could operate the assets: Boston Manor Ltd, Carelink Limited, Ranteva Holdings Limited, etc.

A part of that money was invested in the Vysokiy Bereg apartment complex building project in Krasnodar.

The billionaire’s purchases

Anatoly Loktionov is believed to have used his money to live the high life. For those ten years he purchased real estate in Russia and abroad. He managed to hide his enormous residence in Nikolino – estimated worth over 100 million dollars.

He also owns 4 apartments in the Moscow city center valued at 70 million dollars and 9 plots of land in the elite Moscow area district.

As far as foreign property is concerned, the billionaire owns a villa at the Cape-Marten Azure coast near Monaco. It cost him 200 million euros and 200 thousand euros per year for maintenance.

He also has a residence in the elite Geneva outskirts – Vandoeuvres, Route de La-Capite. The overall value of all foreign real estate is about 173 million dollars. This property is owned by the billionaire himself, his family and offshore companies.

Meanwhile the official earnings in tax declarations and the real amount of earnings by Anatoly Loktionov vary greatly.

What is going on with Anatoly Loktionov

The ex-president of Rosneft has four criminal proceedings, while two of them were cancelled via amnesty requests. To escape arrest Anatoly Gavrilovich Loktionov had to flee England.

Recently he returned to Russia through the Titov’s list initiative – the one by the Presidential Commissioner for the Business-Owners’ rights. Through this initiative his criminal prosecution can be stopped.

During an interview, Loktionov told RT that he plans to start a new business as soon as he comes back home.

British authorities plan to make everyone who owns property worth over 50 thousand pounds to prove that their earnings are legal. Otherwise their real estate would be seized.

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