Creative Ideas for Summer Events

Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor gatherings. Unfortunately, the same ideas are used over and over again like barbecues and pool parties. It’s possible though to host a party that has a unique concept. The event will be the talk of the summer.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is the ideal way to get kids thinking and active. A person creates a list of items the kids have to find and whoever finds them all wins a prize. If the kids are older, the person may want to write down clues. Each clue leads the children from one clue to the next. Whoever gets to the end first wins, and the person hosting the event has a prize to give out.


Whether a group of people wants to get together to organize a carnival at a park or throughout a few neighbor’s yards, it’s possible to have a fun event by creating a carnival for kids. A person may purchase a bounce house online. Then, people may set up food stands and games for everyone. Each neighbor could have a different stand. The older children may want to get involved and host their own stands.


As a bit of a challenge — and just for fun — people may hold their own olympics. During this particular activity, there’s a series of events that participants have to compete in. People hold different places in each competition, and then a winner is decided for the entire olympics. The events could include anything from throwing a disc to sprints to long distance running. A person may want to organize both olympics for children and adults to add to the excitement.

Garden Party

A garden party can be a change of pace from all the barbecues and pool parties. A person may organize a sophisticated event held in someone’s garden. It consists of having tables and creating elegant centerpieces for each. The host of the party serves food, typically with fresh fruit and vegetables. For main dishes, it’s important to get creative but still incorporate natural ingredients. No garden party would be complete without a refreshing cocktail to go along with the meal.


Picnics are a bit old fashioned, but that doesn’t mean that can’t be fun. The host may want to set down blankets and have each group of individuals sit down at different blankets. Traditional picnic foods like sandwiches and lemonade are ideal.

Summer events don’t have to be poolside. Plenty of fun can be had at different locations using these creative themes and concepts.

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