How to Choose the Best Translation Company

It’s important that when your company needs to translate a website or an advertising campaign into a foreign language it be done with a professional partner; correctly, and in a timely manner. Sloppy translations have led to embarassing debacles for companies when they seek brand recognition overseas. And if a legal document is translated incorrectly or even incoherently it can cause a world of hurt to both company and clients. So the importance of choosing a good translation service is obvious. This is one area where the cost should take second place to accuracy and fluency. Here are a few tips to help you find the best translation service for your business needs:

Native speakers are vital

Someone born and bred in a particular country will always have the linguistic advantage over an outsider who must start at the beginning with a second language to translate your project. There is simply no substitute for a native Mandarin speaker, or Russian speaker — and the same goes for France, Spain, Japan, and so on. When you decide on hiring a translation service one of the first things to do is to determine how much of their their staff are actually native speakers of the language you want your material translated into. If that percentage is below fifty percent, you need to look elsewhere for your translation needs.

Always check references

Every legitimate business will be happy to provide you with a list of references, of satisfied customers who are willing to tell you how well the translation services worked for them. This is especially important in a business where regulation and oversight is minimal, such as translation work. You need to check references before committing to anything, signing anything, or paying anything.

Bigger is not always better

If you have a delicate translation need, something that requires a light touch or a deep knowledge of the language, you will be better off with a one-person translation service that can give your project their complete attention and won’t baulk at the details.

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