Why are Serviced Apartments a Preferred Mode of Accommodation in Belfast?

Serviced apartments are exactly what the name would suggest they are – luxurious apartments with on-call service available at all times. While they are popular in all of UK, more and more people travelling to Belfast are now shifting towards renting serviced apartments over hotel rooms, which leads us to the obvious question, what is prompting them to do so? The answer is not very hard to figure out once you take a look at a few of the key facts.

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The Availability of High-Quality Serviced Apartments have Increased in the City

It is not a secret that serviced apartments actually have quite a few advantages over traditional hotel rooms, to begin with, but thanks to the efforts of Dream Apartments, the actual availability of serviced apartments in Belfast Northern Ireland has increased significantly, along with the quality of the services and the apartments themselves. As more and more tourists and travellers are now coming to know about the fact that they actually have such options, the apartments are becoming the natural choice for families, groups, and people in general, who prefer privacy, comfort, and luxury.

Social Media Has Played a Key Role in Creating Awareness

We just discussed that the availability of the serviced apartments in the city is largely responsible for people naturally choosing them over traditional hotel rooms, but social media pictures, videos, and other posts from travellers who have stayed in them has also contributed greatly towards creating awareness regarding the existence of these serviced apartments. As real people continue to share their own stories on social media while mentioning why they enjoyed it more in an apartment that felt like home than they ever did in any hotel room, serviced apartments continue to gain more attention online and offline.

There is Just So Much Space and Freedom

Housekeeping and room service will come in whenever you want them to, or they won’t come in at all if you don’t want them to! There are fully stocked kitchens in these apartments, but you can also order food or have someone cook a meal for you if you want. Once you compare the price of staying in a luxurious and spacious apartment during your stay in the city to the cost of staying in a similarly ranked hotel room (which won’t even have a kitchen), serviced apartments just start to make a lot of sense. Hotel rooms of a similar standard will cost a lot more to rent, but they will neither be as private or as spacious as a serviced apartment.Belfast is a beautiful city with so much to see and most people come here on their holidays with family. When you are with your whole family, everyone from the kids to the single uncle will enjoy the additional space and comfort offered by a fully stocked apartment. After a day’s sightseeing, it almost feels like coming back home when you rent a serviced apartment, which is something that no hotel room can ever offer.