Premier Ship Models Gets Featured in the Prestigious Model Boats Magazine

Summary: Leading US -based retailer of authentic high-grade ship model replicas, Premier Ship Models, has been covered by one of the leading magazines in the industry, Model Boats, in its June 2019 edition.

London, the UK, May 11, 2019: Leading retailer of high-quality ship model replicas announced that it has been featured in the leading magazine of the industry, Model Boats, in the June 2019 edition. The company stated that being features in the world’s leading and best-selling magazine for all model boating interests was a great achievement for the business.

The magazine is known for its benchmark levels of in-depth writing and quality photography in the field of model boat making. Currently in its 69th year of publication, Model Boats covers all facets of the industry, right from extensive kit and model reviews to show reports, new items in the market for modelers, club news and regular expert columns from a number of well-known contributors.

In its June 2019 edition, Model Boats covers the spectacular journey of Premier Ship Models, right from its humble beginnings as a website delivering custom-made ship models to customers to the present times. Currently, the company’s clientele covers a huge range, from private enthusiasts to reputed museums and shipping companies to port authorities. It has produced over 100 custom-made models in its 15-year journey, including the largest ship model in a bottle to ever be built.

Rashid Lalloo, an accountant turned founder and Managing Director of Premier Ship Models, talks about the trials and tribulations of building a company from scratch in this highly niche industry in the article to be published by Model Boats. He recounts his journey from the early days when the company imported ready-made ship models from Mauritius to transitioning to making customized models on order. 

Not only did Mr. Lalloo manage to acquire clients like the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, members of the Middle-East Royalty, the Denmark Maritime Museum and plush hotels, he also consistently encouraged and nurtured talent in the process. The article covers several of these talented artists, who have been responsible for spectacular products that have taken the company to new heights over the years.

Readers will also get a glimpse of the company’s workshop and technologies located at the downtown Potters Bar, about 13 miles north of London. They will also discover that what has helped Premier Ship Models carve a niche for itself has been its professionalism and old-fashioned craftsmanship, qualities that will always be greatly valued. Apart from that, Mr. Lalloo also talks about his desire to fill the gaps in the market and expansion plans for his company.

About the Company: Based in Palmetto, Florida, Premier Ship Models is one of the leading makers of custom handcrafted boat models. Spanning a period of 17 years, the company’s portfolio includes projects delivered across 110 countries, including for museums, offices, shipyards, boat shows and big hotels, among others. The team at Premier Ship Models specializes in several facets of model ship making, including multiple model building, custom one-off models, art installations, corporate gifts and even restoration of antique pieces. The company is known for its affinity to new technologies, in order to make more accurate models and meet tighter deadlines. Along with their services, they also offer bespoke cases for model displays and protection from damage caused by sunlight and humidity. 

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