Studying Medicine in Europe Seen as a Six-Year Long Travel Opportunity

The Wrong Perception of How Studying Abroad Works

Nowadays there is a vast number of UK students studying medicine in medical universities in Europe. What’s more, some of them see this a means of travel and make the most out of their stay throughout the six-year-long study course. I don’t understand why it’s so widely spread that studying abroad is an unpleasant experience. Speaking from my point of view as a medical student in Romania, these students’ years are have been the best time of my life so far.

The only thing that you have to have to make the most out of studying abroad is to have the right attitude — as with everything, having the proper mindset can do miracles.

There will be people who’ll say that travelling while studying medicine would be extremely time consuming and its therefore not possible. However, I believe that if a person organises himself properly, there is time for everything as long as there is desire. Once you stop making excuses for being who you’ve always wanted to be and do what you’ve always wanted to do your life will change for the best. Trust me; I’ve been through this road. I was just like you, enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious medical student who thought that there’s no time for anything apart from studying.

I was lucky enough to meet one particular person who was studying dentistry in Europe, who opened my eyes to the fact that there’s nothing impossible as long as you wholeheartedly want it.

I hope that in your case, I will be this person who would help you realise the travel opportunities that await you abroad. These insights will surely help you succeed in studying medicine in Europe.

Embracing the Change to Kickstart Productivity

When I first started studying medicine in Bucharest, Romania I was immediately caught up with immense amounts of coursework. I barely went out of my apartment, and in just a few months I was started to feel the signs of depression. Studying was going well; however, I wasn’t.  I then happened to speak to this friend of mine that I mentioned earlier who completely changed my perspective.

I started implementing new habits in my daily lifestyle; took more rests, hung out with friends more often and in a few weeks, I planned my first trip to explore a whole new world around Bucharest. I managed to persuade some of my colleagues and together we went to visit Bran Castle – Dracula’s castle. It was a thrilling adventure. Any signs of depression were gone in less than a month after I decided to change my perception.

What’s more, I noticed a massive boost in my memory, studying productivity and university results. I couldn’t believe that I was putting less time into studying and at the same time become a better student. I learnt that maintaining a balance of work and rest is crucial to success.

At the end of my first year in medical school, it turned out that I was the most successful and achieving student from the whole two hundred people course. My colleagues were amazed at how I was coping with travelling so much all over Romania and still be the best student. The answer is – the desire, motivation and ambition to be the best version yourself. I know that British students who decide to study medicine or dentistry in Europe are all enthusiastic and passionate about becoming medical doctors just like you. I know how scared I was at first and if I can do it, then anyone can.

I hope I’ve given you the much-needed consolidation and hope that studying abroad is not a nuisance but more of a life-changing opportunity.

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