Steps To Starting Your Own Supplement Business

Supplements are a hot commodity right now and you want to get in on the ground floor. The products range from vitamins for your health to ones that help you lose weight or concentrate better. Are you wondering how to start a supplement company? The following steps can get you going in the right direction.

Your Customer Base

The first step to starting your own private label supplements is determining who you want to sell to. Determining your customer base will help you decide which products you want to carry and the way you will sell them.

Your Product

Once you know who you will be selling to, you need to know what products to carry. If you are looking to help athletes, you would carry different items than if you were looking to help someone lose weight. Knowing what you want in your product line and what is less important to carry can also hone in your customer list better.

Learn the Competitor

Study the businesses in your field to see what is working for them and what is a struggle. You will want products that are different and better for your target market than what the others are offering. Knowing what other companies are producing and promoting is a key step to your plan.

The Formula

Once you have targeted who you are selling to and what they need, it is time to formulate the supplements you want to make. Figure out which ingredients are important and which are not. Find a unique method from others in your field so that your product will stand out from the others and draw your target market to it.

Find Someone To Make It

Locating the perfect manufacturer can take time and patience. You can make your product yourself but a manufacturing facility will have the certified, sanitary equipment that will help you make a better supplement. You will want to look for a US-based company with a great reputation and is FDA and NSF certified. They will need to have access to the best raw materials to go into your product. You will want someone who is easy to work with, listens to your plans and will design the product that you want to market. Be sure to ask every question that you may have to get the right impression. If anything gives you a red flag about them, keep looking.

Make a Visual Brand

Once your vision is on its way to being a reality and your supplements are being produced, it is time to make a label. The label will be the visual representation of your business so you will want it to stand out from the crowd. Be creative with the color and the logo so it will stop your target market in their tracks. You will want to ensure that the FDA information is added to be compliant. This is also the time you will name your supplement. You will want a name that is unique from your competitor’s brand, is appealing to the consumer and is easy to remember.

Start Your Marketing Campaign

Once your brand established, devise a way to reach the public. Explore which advertising avenues will work best for you but try to work out a combination of video and print and marketing. Set up a newsletter for potential clients so they can learn about your latest developments. You will also want to reach out to new customers through social media and consider advertising through those channels also. Establish the way you will ship your final product to your customers and open accounts with those carriers. Then reach out, get your name out there and net the success begin.

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