Jonathan Levin Philadelphia Attorney, What Makes Him So Good

Jonathan Levin Philadelphia-based attorney is someone who has created a reputation for being a serial winner and as someone who knew him at school, it is something which he has always had a knack for. Back then we were in the ‘misfits’ crows but no longer and he has gone on to prove everyone who doubted him wrong. There is no real truth to expose here either, Jonathan doesn’t have a secret to his success, there is no magic that goes on, he is just someone who knows how to win, and here is why he is so good at being an attorney.


Jonathan not only has a passion for the law and for winning, he is also very passionate about the types of cases which he takes on. Generally he enjoys fighting for the little man and that can often mean the challenge of pro-bono cases for those who don’t have the funds, or for worthy causes which need his help. Because he is able to emotionally invest in these cases he can present a far more compelling case than those who haven’t invested in the same way.

Work Ethic

In many of his cases Jonathan wins because he outworks the other attorney and their team. He has always had this work ethic and it has served him very well throughout his career. Regardless of the state of the case or the probability of the result, Jonathan will still put in those long hours to ensure success and this has helped him to gain the great reputation in Philadelphia which he has.

Ability to Persuade

I used to often joke to Jonathan that he should be an attorney because as a young man he was so great at persuading people to act or think in a certain way. In the courtroom therefore Jonathan is able to use this skill in order to convince a jury to see things his way, and thus win more cases. His ability is not just about the way in which he delivers an argument but also the way in which he views different angles of the argument, which he is then able to use to counter the opposition and make his point of view more believable. This natural gift which he has is something which will always help his client to win cases on more occasions than not.


Many attorneys will say that they are knowledgeable about the law but Jonathan really takes it to the next level. This is a man who really loves the structure of the law and its role in society and as such he goes to great lengths to ensure that he is as well read and studious as is required to be the very best at what he does. There is nobody who knows the law like Jonathan and this inherent knowledge is what has helped him to become the very best at what he does.

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