Don’t Forget These Last Minute Things Before And After You Get Married

There are always a few things that people forget when they have a big event coming up in their life. Someone who is getting married needs to remember all these little things when they get married because they could get swept up in the moment. A wedding and honeymoon is time-consuming, and you never want to discover months later that you have made a terrible mistake. Each step on the list below will help you recover from the aftermath of your wedding, make certain to have not forgotten anything, and allow you to move on with your life without any embarrassing mistakes.

  1. Change Of Address

A change of address form needs to be filled out and filed with the post office. You can do this online, or you can do so when you are in the post office. The post office needs to know your old address, the reason for the change, and your new address. All your mail will be forwarded, and you will get that mail at your new address no matter how long your old address is used. Some people even mail years later. This forwarding address is the only thing that can protect sensitive mail that might come to the house.

  1. Change Your Name

Anyone who would like to change their name should fill out the proper documents with the local court or Social Security office. You must make certain that you have filed all the documents that are required in your city or county, and you must keep a copy of these forms for your records. You need to have proof that you changed your name, and you must be certain that the proper address is on all these forms. Someone who is changing their name cannot get all the proper documents if they have not used the right addressed or not forwarded their mail properly.

  1. Thank You Notes

Someone who just got married might have come home to a whirlwind of moving, boxes, and new jobs. These people often forget to send out their thank you notes because they are so swamped. You can avoid this problem by setting up all your thank you notes ahead of time. All you need to do is fill in a little bit of information. By doing so, you are showing that you are thankful for the gift and that person’s presence in your life. Some couples get very far behind on this process, and they will forget if they have gone for too long. You want to buy your stamps ahead of time get your list of addresses, and make certain that one of you is writing these letters the moment that you have time.

  1. Notification

We live in a world of notifications where people are not necessarily aware of what is happening in the world unless they see it on social media. Someone who has questions about your marriage can learn a lot when you post about it on social media. If you have not done so, you need to make an all-purpose post about your marriage so that people can react. You are doing a full notification so that everyone in your sphere finds out at once. This makes it easier on you because you know that you have told everyone. Plus, you can use this as a forum to share all your married details including your new address and new name. Anyone who has confusion about this can contact you directly.

  1. Change Your Name At Work

You must change your name at work if that is necessary. A lot of people would like to call you by your new name, but they will not know to do that unless you let people know. Do not send an email. Talk to people about your new last name, get your new name plate made, and make certain that you have helped people along with your new name.

You might go the extra mile if your new name is hard to spell or pronounce. This is a very good time for you to bring little note cards that explain how to say or spell your name. You might want to send an email about your new name because it is so complex, and you are just letting people know what to say so that they are not embarrassed.

  1. Bank Accounts

You need to be sure that you have combined bank accounts when that is most necessary. Most newlyweds who are hoping to combine bank accounts need to go to the bank to fill out a form, and you might even need to have that document notarized. You can get most of these services handled right away, but some people forget because they are so busy trying to take care of everything else.

  1. Insurance

You might need to combine insurance policies to get your rates to drop. In fact, you might need to sign up for all new policies so that the both of you are represented on these different policies. The insurance policies that you get should extend to life insurance where you have noted that your spouse is the person who will receive your benefits. If you ever want to have the insurance company change their assignment of funds, they have a form for that. You should talk to your insurance agent so that they can explain how to handle these matters.

You also get to add your spouse to your insurance, and one of you needs to decide who is going to provide those benefits. You need to go to your employer to ask them how to change your elections on your policy, and you will fill out the form that explains that you have just gotten married. There are a lot of young couples who forget to do this, and you could have a problem with your insurance company if they find out that you could have had other insurance during the course of the year. This is a very small thing, but it is something that you need to take a look at before you let your insurance lapse or change.

  1. Drivers License

Your driver’s license should reflect your new name and address, and you should be sure that you have gone in to have a new picture taken. Some people do a full makeover before they get married, and you should like to have your driver’s license reflect the way that you look now. This is a very simple thing, but it could be a big part of how you keep track of all your personal business.

  1. Conclusion

There are so many couples who are trying to get all their affairs in order when they get married. However, these people have no idea how many little things they will miss during the course of the year after they get married. You need to make certain that your name has been covered, and you have to see if there is a way for you to quickly fill out all these forms. Fill out your thank you notes, and make certain that you have filed for your address change so that you do not lose any mail.

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