Top 6 Floral Species in Australia

Australia has a rich flora and fauna that might surprise native city dwellers. Some of them may even be available at local florists, who are often experts on the subject matter. Buying locally supports the economy but it also may yield significant savings and broaden your choice of flowers for an entryway arrangement or dining room centerpiece.

Why You Should Get Local Flowers from Local Florists

Buying locally gives customers a chance to learn more about the freshest flowers available in a particular area. Local merchants often are more accommodating of special requests as well.

“If it seems like around every corner there is a new advertisement for some online flower delivery service, and that it’s impossible to get away from all of these companies operating online, that’s because the market has been absolutely flooded with these “middleman” services – and charging sky-high prices for the same arrangements and services your local florist can provide,” according to Australian Cut Flowers, an online resource for information on the tropical flowers Down Under.

Stunning Australian Native Flowers

Here’s a list of top picks for native Aussie flowers you can ask your local florist about.

1. Desert Flame (scientific name: Chrysocephalum apiculatum)

Desert Flame is an Australian perennial that adds a splash of golden yellow to gardens. The hardy plant provides ground cover and grows 20–30cm high. With silvery gray foliage, it is a stunning flower that loves full sun or partial shade, and it’s not particular on soil types.

2. Grevillea (scientific name: grevilleas)

This native beauty grows across the continent and is a fuss-free garden plant, Grevilleas are native shrubs with profuse flower cover and range in size from ground cover to shrubs or high screening plants that protect your privacy. They flower year-round, which birds and insects take advantage of. Grevilleas thrive in well-drained soils and require full sun, sheltered from strong winds.

3. Kangaroo Paw (scientific name: Anigozanthos)

This evergreen is Western Australia’s state flower. It has strap-like leaves accompanied by tubular flowers in one to three colors that may include yellow, red, pink, orange, green and near-white. Kangaroo paws like slightly acidic soils, full sun and good drainage.

4. Canberra Bells (scientific name: Correa)

Correas grow bell-shaped flowers in the autumn and get to be about 1 meter high. They resist drought and frost and are sometimes called native fuchsias. It grows in any soil or light, but likes light sandy soil and shelter from the wind.

5. Pink Rock Lily (scientific name: Dendrobium)

This Australian is easy to grow and has white, pink and purple flowers. However, varietals in the huge genus. They like light but require shelter from the noon sun. Pink rock ladies love rock faces and sometimes attach to tree branches for filtered light.

6. Aussie Box (scientific name: Westringia)

Aussie Box can grow into a lovely low hedge about 60 x 60cm. It’s drought-resistant and has tiny mauve flowers all year. It’s happiest in full sun and with good drainage.

Native plants that can be re-planted are a great gift option, but arrangements of these and other natively grown flowers brighten your home any time of year.

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