Negative Life Changing Events And Tips To Help Cope

Life can be filled with joy but there are also those negative events that truly test us as human beings. These negative events often shape who we are as people as overcoming certain obstacles make you a significantly stronger person. While nobody wants to encounter negative events it is truly about how you respond which tells you who you are as a person. There are those people that give up when a challenge faces them and those that create a plan that will help them accomplish a goal or overcome a challenge. The following are some less fortunate life events and how you can respond to get power in your life back.

Serious Injury

A serious injury that you have to adapt to for an extended period or even a lifetime is a life changing event. If this was due to an accident that was no fault of your own like in a car or due to a defective product look into quality legal help like the law firm at that do great work in the personal injury niche. One thing you need to look into is another form of income which might not be necessary if you can still work with the injury. For many office based jobs those who are injured can still perform at adequate levels due to lack of demand for physical exertion. Concentrate on rehabbing the injury and doing so with a positive attitude during this trying time. Recovering from a major injury will help you appreciate your physical health while helping strengthen your mental health.


Divorce can be a positive event overall but can be devastating to go through whether you are initiating the divorce or not. There are lifestyle implications as well as financial implications as many people struggle living on one income after living on two incomes during their marriage. This often leads to a lowering of quality of life whether it is reducing living space or having to reduce expenditures on things like massages or eating out. The best thing that can be done is to end the divorce and do not cope with substance abuse. Rather get into shape and start to do all of those things that you enjoy that you could not do while married. This can be a liberating time so stay active as it will help ward off negative thoughts.

Losing Your Dream Job

One of the things that can shake who you are as a person is losing a job that you love and identify with immensely. This not only can impact confidence negatively but losing a long term job can lead to financial issues far quicker than many people think. Take a little time to grieve then start figuring out ways to make money until you find another job that you enjoy going to daily. Freelancing is a great way to earn money while out of work whether you are a great writer or have superior organizational skills. This can help you skip over opportunities for full-time jobs that you really do not see yourself in within the next 6 months.

Coping with negative events in life has to be done and do not turn to self-destructive habits like using drugs or alcohol to help you feel better. Face up to what has happened and try to improve your situation to the best of your ability!

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