7 Ways CBD May Improve your Everyday Life

CBD can do more than help reduce inflammation, stop seizures and calm anxiety. People around the world are making CBD a part of their everyday lives. You don’t have to have a health condition to use CBD. For some, it works as a preventative measure and others choose to use it for self-maintenance purposes. In this guide, we’ll explore 7 ways CBD may improve your everyday life.

Healthier Skin

CBD may help improve the health of your skin. If you have been diagnosed with eczema or psoriasis, it may be beneficial in treating the irritation, inflammation and appearance of the rashes. As the skin absorbs the CBD it is able to help combat inflammation that can become painful. If your skin becomes irritated and a flare-up occurs, application of CBD oil may help calm it quickly.

CBD also helps reduce and regulate sebaceous glad secretions. This is helpful for those with acne or frequent breakouts. It is best to use a CBD facial scrub on a daily basis to help control the amount of oil released from your skin’s glands. This may help prevent frequent breakouts.


Anxiety isn’t something that is felt all of the time. It can be that your anxiety creeps up in certain situations. It may be preventable if you keep CBD on-hand. Stress, especially when it’s sudden stress, can bring on anxiety without warning.

CBD has the ability to calm the mind, which helps reduce the effects of stress. It allows the body to relax, your blood pressure to lower and your respirations to return to normal. It is important to keep a fast-acting CBD product close by, such as CBD oil or vape.

If you work for a company that is not cannabis-friendly, ensure that the CBD product you choose to use is THC-free. Controlling anxiety at work, stopping a stress-related attack and being able to focus and continue to be productive are important. Losing your job for using a non-intoxicating cannabinoid is not a positive experience.

Inflammation and Random Pain

CBD is a powerful inflammation reducer. Reducing inflammation often decreases the severity of pain. Much of the cause of pain is related to inflammation and aggravation of nerves, joints, muscles and other parts of the body.

For some, CBD works better than over-the-counter inflammatory medications, and even some prescription medications. It can be taken daily with no worries about side effects of long-term use or having to use a larger dose on days when your inflammation is a little worse.

Taking CBD in capsule form may be ideal for those with chronic inflammatory disorders like arthritis. Capsules may last longer in the body. Of course, if you need extra relief between capsules, it is absolutely okay to take another capsule or use another CBD product like oil or vape. A CBD edible may also be a good option for multi-hour relief.

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be excruciating. Some women experience violent menstrual cycles. This can be due to a complication or medical condition. Women that have fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease may experience more pain than others.

It can be quite difficult to control the pain of menstrual cramps. Sure, there are menstrual cycle aids available in pharmacies, but you have to wait for the body to digest and distribute the medication. CBD topicals work fast and can be placed on the outside of the body between the pelvic bones. It also helps to apply a CBD topical in the lower back area and lower abdominal space.

Fights Cancer

Scientific data exists showing that CBD may be effective in preventing the growth and/or spreading of cancer cells. It may also help reduce tumor sizes and, in some cases, may kill the tumor altogether. When a cancer cell is robbed of its food source, it is unable to continue growing and cannot spread to other cells or parts of the body.

CBD may work to cut off the food supply to cancer cells which inhibits their growth and proliferation. If cancer is caught early enough, it may work well to naturally deplete cancer cells.

Some reports indicate that some cancer patients completely cured their cancer with CBD and/or cannabis. More studies are needed to support this anecdotal evidence.

Chemotherapy can also destroy the body. While it is poison, it is poison with a purpose. Some of the side-effects may include pain, depression, nausea, fatigue and mood swings. CBD may be able to help with those negative side effects too.

Better Cognitive Function

As we age, brain cells die and nerves can become damaged. This can lead to debilitating disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These conditions are not only frustrating for the person diagnosed but are also difficult for the family to cope with.

Once brain cells begin to die, it can cause clutter because the brain can’t always scrub itself of these cells. This can account for missed signals, misfires and general confusion. CBD may help in brushing away those dead brain cells and keeping nerves protected from further damage. Reducing inflammation near the nerves helps protect them so that better cognitive function can occur.

Mood Regulation

Have you ever had a day where you just feel “off” and don’t know why? Hormone fluctuations, as well as the environment around you, play a role in your mood. Chemical imbalances in the body can also be a factor.

CBD is a homeostasis aid, meaning that it helps maintain balance in the body. For women, hormone fluctuations are expected, especially with menstruation. For men, hormones can fluctuate too. The body releases hormones at different times and at different levels, but it may not always be the right amount at the right time. CBD may aid in that to help your body feel better regulated and keep your moods more even and less unpredictable.

Closing Thoughts

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the list of benefits of CBD continues to grow as scientific and clinical studies are completed. The World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. FDA have both recognized some of its benefits. WHO considers CBD to be safe and not harmful. You don’t have to have a medical condition to use CBD, it may just help maintain balance in your body and regulate a few “sometimes symptoms”.

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