Top 10 Tools For a Beautiful St. Louis Lawn

Growing a garden can at times be very challenging. Yet it can be very rewarding and satisfying once you have accomplished it. Of course, not everyone is bestowed with a green thumb so it is not easy to cultivate a piece of land when we do not have the right tools. Even if you might spend quite a bit of money to buy the equipment needed for keeping your garden green and blooming, the rewards are even greater when you personally see the benefits of having them. We would be able to appreciate their value by making maintenance easy and breezy. Thus, what are the tools that must be in our garden shed?

There could be endless debates on which tools should be included in our garden and lawn care kit. The list could even go on and on but we just have to pick up a few of them that could be labeled as basic equipment for gardening. So we talked to Schwartz Brothers Landscaping. You can find them here:

  • Rake

This goes to everybody’s top of the list because it is one of the essential lawn tools that no one should miss. It performs three tasks at one time and can even go beyond your expectation. For a start, rakes are usually used to spread, collect or even dig up some holes or lines.

  • Trowel

It performs many tasks such as digging a hole, weeding, shoveling and planting new seedlings. It is handy so you can take it anywhere with you while gardening.

  • Lawn Mower

This is a big savior even if it might mean paying much for this equipment. It helps keep your lawn spick and span from overgrown grasses and can save you money from hiring a person to mow the garden for you.

  • String Trimmer

Second to the mower, this is also an essential tool to keep your garden neat and clean. Its advantage is that the trimmer can fit anywhere so it can cut grass in spaces that the mower cannot reach.

  • Shovel

This tool comes in two shapes: the round point shovel point, which is very helpful when you are digging large areas in your garden, and the square point shovel that performs well as a scoop and makes lifting heavy objects easier.

  • Shears

These are excellent tools to use when you want to trim your plants and you plan on creating shapes out of the bushes and shrubs you have in your garden.

  • Wheelbarrow

This is a must-have for anyone who has larger gardens because it helps to lift heavy objects and to transfer them from one place to another.

  • Watering Gear

Of course, a garden would not be in full bloom when it is not watered properly. To make that happen, it is important that you also invest with some watering gears such as water hoses or sprinklers to keep your greens hydrated.

  • Pruners and Loppers

Aside from shears, it is also important to have some pruning tools when cutting or trimming your bushes or shrubs or even some bigger plants that you have.

  • Gloves

Of all the tools that you should forget, never ever miss out on a pair of gloves. They would protect your hands from cuts and from being soiled too much.

There could be other tools that come in mind but time and space would not allow us to discuss them one by one. Feel free to discover other equipment that could be a great addition to your lawn care and gardening toolbox.