How To Deal With Being Treated Unfairly Dealing With A Client

The truth is that not all clients are created equal as some are a pleasure to work with while others are difficult from the start. Difficult clients are different than those trying to take advantage or treat your business unfairly. While there are growing pains with most clients these clients are the ones that are never happy even though the quality of work delivered exceeded their expectations. These clients might try to change the scope of a project and threaten holding payment until you meet their demands. The following are ways to deal with a client that is taking advantage or simply is breaking contract daring you to take action.

Do Not Lash Out For Any Reason

There are going to be some clients that try to get you to lose your temper so they can terminate the contract due to conduct. Kill the client with kindness regardless of how abusive they become but do not tolerate them doing this to your staff. An abusive client not only is tough to deal with but can impact the morale of the entire company. It is hard to stay positive knowing that you have a call with this type of client later or just got off the phone with them.

Document This Whenever Possible

Putting together documentation of what is discussed and what is signed needs to be done. A client changing their mind about a project after work has commenced should not fall on your company in terms of expense. Sending recap emails of what was discussed during a call also needs to be done. Clients might rely on poor communication to get their way if what was said on a call was not documented. These recap emails make it clear what was discussed and what the plan going forward will be.

Consult Legal Representation

Meeting with business lawyers like the ones at is important as losing money working for a client is not an option. This is not the way business is done and these lawyers will allow you to know what type of proof you need of your client’s behavior. The last thing that you want is a frivolous lawsuit actually costing the company money due to the client having a legal team and your company not having representation. Often times clients will be more willing to work with you if they understand that taking it to court is an option that is on the table.

Make Sure Your Contract Protects Your Business

The contract usually is the most important portion of a business transaction as it sets the stage for the business relationship going forward. Make sure that you have legal professionals write these contracts up as a client trying to get out of paying I going to look for a loophole. States have different laws in terms of business so making sure that the contract meets your state’s requirements  is important.

Nightmare clients are tough to deal with but they make you appreciate your great clients that much more. When being taken advantage of use the above tips to help you navigate this difficult time.

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