Witch Hazel for Better Skin Care

It’s America’s number one secret weapon in the war against skin blemishes and rashes. Organic and completely safe on any type of skin at any age, this simple decoction was first discovered by the Pilgrims nearly four hundred years ago and has since been a constant staple in pharmacies and beauty shops. It goes by the scientific name of Hamamelis virginiana, but you know it better as Witch Hazel.

A shrub that still grows wild in most of North America, witch hazel twigs and buds are gathered each spring, gently simmered in spring water, and then carefully distilled into a clear liquid that soothes and gently exfoliates the skin.

As an astringent and pore opener it is unparalleled in the western world. Dermatologists have been recommending it to fight acne for the past hundred years.

It is a premier makeup remover. It never leaves behind any greasy residue or faint hint of makeup colors.

A splash of witch hazel on the face in the morning is an effective way to energize the entire body for the day’s work — almost as effective, and certainly much cheaper, than a cup of coffee or tea.

Soaking your hands or feet in witch hazel will keep cuticles from discoloring and helps prevent nails from cracking.

And making a paste of witch hazel and baking soda will quickly bring down the inflammation and itching of insect stings and poison ivy exposure.


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