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Starting with the definition of what next-generation SaaS products are is a powerful beginning to Hari Ravichandran’s success story.Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a software distribution based on an internet model where a third party provider hosts an application for patrons over the internet. The leading cloud computing category is one of three that uses a platform as a service alongside the framework.


Many stories of success focused on the beginning or end. Rarely does someone find a lineardiary quality story about the journey TO success. Hari Ravichandran’s voyage from tech entrepreneur to CEO is a success story that does not sugar coat life’s obstacles.

Ravichandran’s career began in 1997. The small business Ravichandran started grew and evolved over two decades. Endurance International Group became a publicly traded company with a huge staff of over 3,500 people. The success of his company lead to building a second from the ground up.


Hari Ravichandran realized after twenty-one years of successful growth to a billion dollars in revenue that starting over is where his passion true was. Creation is the high he enjoyed chasing. The revelation changed his approach to success because he was open to a shift of his focus.

The successes and failures are part of Hari Ravichandran’s journey. Hari Ravichandran challenged himself with a new, blank foundation to build a second start-up. Be ready to shift thought processes and broadening horizons are two key pieces of advice he applies to his own life. The direction he took was the right path for him.


Tech start-ups are a dime a dozen. Culture is not something new entrepreneurs delves into when considering their overall framework. Ravichandran made culture an essential tenant to his personal success and satisfaction.

Culture covers value systems, codes of conduct, operation policy and procedure, and an overall positive approach to business. Many companies either ignore ethics or approaches them as an afterthought. Without a positive work culture, businesses, small and large, will not thrive.

Hari Ravichandran does not deliver advise from a place of only success. He has personal, expert knowledge of how to build a start-up and turn it into a billion-dollar business. By using past experience, he speaks of his success as an adventure. Never think of the beginning of a company is “from scratch.” Everything experienced in life applies to success.

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