Jacob Gottlieb explains the importance of investing in healthcare

Jacob Gottlieb is the founder and CEO of Altium Capital Management. Altium is an investment fund that focuses on opportunities in investing on healthcare companies and their growth. Jacob Gottlieb had founded Altium to contribute to the enterprises that will help to advance medical and health attention. Mr. Gottlieb is very valuable and respectable in the world of healthcare.

Thanks to the knowledge of Gottlieb and his team of experts, Altium Capital Management, LP was able to close the year 2018 quite positively. Related in a growth report, Altium was able to present a product called Altium Growth Fund, LP. This product was so successful that it earned a return of 6.7%. The growth fund had begun in June and the result was calculated at the end of December 2018. This is a very profitable gain in only six months time.

When Altium was compared to other numbers in market performance over the same six months time frame, their gains were even more noted in the field of healthcare investment. According the the S&P 500 that shows how the 500 largest publicly traded businesses in the U.S. perform, the market value had lost at -7.3%. Healthcare and biotech performances have turned in negative numbers in according to other indices. When the Nasdaq Biotech ETF IBB and the SPDR S&P Biotech EFT XBI reported their final numbers of -9.2% and -24.8%, their was proof that Altium had a very successful and prestigious year.

Jacob Gottlieb has the title of MD, CFA and PRM and his founding of Altium had helped therapies for many conditions and diseases that include diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. His positive reputation of being an important entrepreneur in finance and investing in healthcare had enabled him to invest in these businesses that advance treatments.

He had been questioned on his reason for putting investing ahead of his career in medicine, he stated that he was attracted to the challenges that the investing had allowed him. Gottlieb is learning about more modern technologies and ideas and enjoys looking for the most attractive ventures that he can invest in. He is fulfilling himself more intellectually by imagining and looking into the future of the industry and world.

Altium Capital Management has placed its most important focuses into three categories. They are mid-cap equities, small-cap equities, and products that are equities-linked. A Delaware limited partnership is the fund that mainly invests in both the international and U.S. sub-sectors in healthcare. These include major and specialty pharma, biotech services, medical technology, life science tools, and medical devices. The management team of professionals has experience and expertise in the sector of healthcare. The professionals are experts within hedge funds as well as the healthcare industry.

Their process in investment has three distinct parts. They are stock selection, idea generation, and portfolio construction. These will culminate in an exit strategy as well as trade execution. Trade execution and the exit strategy can be marked by actions including technical analysis of supply/demand characteristics, thesis drift, the realization of expected catalysts and resizing and reviewing as needed.

All of these successes were able to occur due to Mr. Gottlieb’s jobs as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, and an investment portfolio manager at the Merlin Financial located in London, England. His most recent internship in internal medicine was in New York City at the St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Gottlieb was able to achieve honors with a BA from Vassar College and an MBA from Cornell University.

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