5 Easy Ways For A Mother Of The Bride To Avoid A Disastrous Look!

For a mother of the bride, the wedding can seem like a minefield of issues waiting to happen – especially when it comes to choosing the right look!

The last thing anyone wants is to outshine their own daughter at her wedding, and there are a few simple ways to tackle this issue with a minimal amount of stress.

101: Don’t Wear White!

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but a quick scan of social media will tell you there are still women that commit the ultimate fashion faux pas – wearing white to a wedding! Any women wearing a white or nearly white dress to a wedding is rude, but for mother of the bride dresses it’s downright unthinkable!

If you are looking at mother of the bride dresses in lighter colors, be sure to take photos of the dress indoor and in natural light to ensure they don’t show up white in pictures.

The Flashy Look

This is where things can get a little confusing as what feels modest for one woman, might seem flashy beyond belief for another. If you follow a few simple rules, you are bound to avoid trying to steal the spotlight from the woman of the hour: the bride.

Cleavage looking like it’s about to burst from the top of a dress is an obvious no-no, as are mini-skirts or looking like a Vegas showgirl; however, another seemingly innocuous item can lead to some unwanted attention – sheer fabric.

If you are determined to use sheer fabrics the easiest way to do so without running the risk of flashing too much skin is to look at mother of the bride dresses long in length, rather than short styles.

You’re Not A Bridesmaid!

With many brides choosing a color theme for their wedding it can be hard to work out what to wear to avoid clashing with members of the bridal party. The best rule of thumb to follow is never to try and match mother of the bride dresses to the color the bridesmaids are wearing.

It is okay to coordinate, for example, wear a dress the same length but in a different shade or tone. For mother of the bride dresses long styles in a darker color to the bridal party are always a safe bet.

Less Is More

When it comes to accessorizing for a wedding, a common mistake many mothers of the bride make is adding too much bling to their look. Believe it or not, this can be just as much of a scene-stealer as wearing white to the wedding!

An excellent way to avoid overdoing it is to look at jewelry that incorporates less flashy gems such as pearls. A necklace and earring set of pearls mixed with gemstones is a lovely way to add another layer to your outfit without completely overdoing it.

Just Ask!

If in doubt, the simplest thing to do is simply just ask! Before spending hundreds of dollars on a dress, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, just send a quick picture to your daughter to check if she’s okay with it. Easy!

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