Not Your Mother’s Business: Unique Business Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

While there are 28 million small businesses in the country, 22 million of them don’t have any employees at all.

Many of these small businesses are in fields and industries that our parents would have never been able to imagine into existence decades before. When you have unique business ideas, there’s now a niche for just about anything that you could potentially think of.

Here are four business ideas to consider if you’re dying to become an entrepreneur.

1. Selling Cannabis Accessories

While you might not be that into smoking cannabis yourself, there are so many people around the country getting into it that there’s a lot of opportunities. In a few years, we’ll be seeing marijuana and cannabis-related products all over the stock market. If you want to get a jump start on this burgeoning industry, find your place in it now.

If you’re in a state where it’s already legal, consider getting a license to open up your own dispensary where you can sell the product to prescription holders. If you’re not ready to make that big of a leap yet, you could start off by selling accessories related to smoking. Between dabbing and CBD oils, the product lines now available for enthusiasts are growing rapidly.

Where once smoking cannabis was seen as a sordid and shady affair, it’s now making its way into the gourmet culture. Restaurants are finding ways to work CBD into their products and figuring out how to capitalize on its popularity. Look at what your market is missing and what’s working in other markets and start working that in.

Look through a few cannabis industry magazines for some business ideas.

2. Turn Fitness into Business

If you’re a real fitness enthusiast, you know how fun it can be to get your energy out throughout the day. Going for a longer run than you planned or spending an extra hour at the gym by “accident” is sometimes more fun than it sounds on paper. Imagine if you could make your money off of this.

One of the most popular small businesses that people start now is a small fitness business. You could become a personal trainer with clients all over the city or town you live in, visiting them for an hour at a time a few times a week to help them get fit. 

If you have an extra room in your house or a shed that’s temperature controlled, you could open your own fitness studio. With a small investment, you’ll have your own yoga studio that you work out of on the weekends and run classes from. Get the word out and you’ll even be able to allow other teachers to hold classes when you’re not using the space and turn it into a full-time studio.

Through hard work and word of mouth, you’ll be able to become an inspiration to others and stay fit, all while keeping food on the table.

3. Recruiting Tech Workers

One of the hardest things for businesses to keep up with is the speed of technology. The second hardest thing to keep up with is finding staff who knows about that technology and can help to put it to use. If you’re able to understand the technology, even abstractly, you could help by bridging the gap between small businesses and tech workers.

Tech workers are often brilliant people who are woefully bad at selling their skills on the market. Since most companies don’t even know what it is they’re looking for, you could recruit tech workers who know what the company needs. If you’re a personable recruiter with a little bit of understanding how the industry works, you’ll have a leg up on most tech recruiters.

Most recruiters just go on LinkedIn and start digging around for people to link up with jobs but if you’re more resourceful, you could get more out of the job. It feels good to get someone a good job, so if you can figure out how to link people to the right position for them, you’ll feel great even while you’re working.

4. Selling Used Items Online

Looking through the average flea market, you’re sure to find strange things that are marked way beyond their worth and gems that are being sold for pennies. That’s the nature of the market but one of the great things about being connected to the many online marketplaces.

Between eBay, Craigslist, and the many auction sites for antiques and designed objects, there’s a massive market for used items.

If you have an eye for designers or really solid craftsmanship, you’ll have a great time picking out things to sell online. If you happen to be a couple of hours outside of the city center, you’ll find some interesting things that have migrated from the city. Look around you and there’s sure to be a treasure trove of cool and unique things that people are willing to pay big money for.

For people who like the idea of working from home who also know their way around a camera, this can be the perfect role. Finding ways to build up a name for self online could result in having a following that trusts your instincts. Use those instincts wisely so that you can build and maintain a customer base of people willing and able to spend big bucks on great items.

Unique Business Ideas Drive the Economy

While unique business ideas can be challenging to come up with, they’re often the ideas that make the most money. While a practical business can be sustainable, a business that disrupts the market can start a whole new reality. Just look at how smartphones and apps changed how we interact and how we see the economy.

Follow our guide to make sure you don’t launch your business too early or too late.


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