CBD Benefits: 8 Scientific Breakthroughs You Need to Know About

Research on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis began in the 1940s. This is around the time CBD was discovered.

Since then, we now know CBD can treat a myriad of ailments and their symptoms — thanks to our endocannabinoid system.

Our knowledge of CBD is constantly growing. That’s because more patients are choosing holistic healing options over dangerous pharmaceuticals. Because of the demand, more researchers are proving the strength of this cannabinoid.

So, what can CBD treat? Is CBD right for you and your condition? You’ll be surprised about the versatility of this cannabinoid. Here are 8 CBD benefits and the most ground-breaking facts that science is uncovering.

1. Treats Anxiety and Depression

Many cannabis users partake in the plant to relieve their anxiety and depression.

But is this all mumbo jumbo? Not exactly.

For social anxiety sufferers, a Brazilian research team discovered it reduced social anxiety by its effect on the limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain.

In addition, CBD is also notorious for treating depression. In these animal studies, CBD reduced the depression of mice. This is because of the activation of 5-HT1A receptors.

Is CBD a good alternative to anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication? You should always follow your doctor’s orders. However, CBD is fast-acting and has little risk of side effects.

2. Diabetes Sufferers Will Benefit From CBD

One of the most ground-breaking CBD discoveries is the cannabinoid’s ability to aid in diabetes management.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (where CBD was discovered) has been finding ways to use CBD to aid in diabetes management. What they found is CBD has a complex way of handling diabetes.

CBD is famous for aiding in inflammation. Inflammation has a role in developing insulin resistance. 

Other aspects of type 2 diabetes benefit greatly from CBD. This includes sugar metabolism, strengthening the immune system, improved heart function, and increased cell growth.

3. CBD Can Cut Your Cigarette Addiction

Vaping is helping many cigarette smokers cut down on their habit. Rather than vape tobacco, you should vape CBD.

A study done proved that those who took oral CBD in lieu of cigarettes did not experience cigarette cravings, even when brought with tobacco attentional bias (a picture of an ashtray, videos of others smoking, etc.).

The participants didn’t smoke cigarettes for 12 hours before the study.

It’s unsure how CBD curbs cigarette cravings. It’s assumed because CBD treats the reasons for cigarette cravings such as anxiety and alcohol and drug intake.

CBD also targets the pleasure areas the way cigarettes do.

4. CBD Can Treat Acne

CBD skincare has been all the rage. But many don’t realize CBD can help treat acne. Acne is the most common skin disorder. And CBD has the power to work better than many acne products.

Let’s go back to inflammation. Inflammation occurs when bacteria, oil, sebum, and dead skin cells clog your pores. This is why some zits are red, swollen, and painful.

Since CBD works in your immune system to reduce inflammation, CBD will take away the swollen and painful acne effects.

In addition, CBD can prevent acne formation. CBD helps reduce the amount of sebum in our pores.

5. CBD Relieves PTSD

Going back to anxiety, one of the most devastating types of anxiety is PTSD. This is reoccurring memories and nightmares of a traumatic part of one’s life. 

CBD treats PTSD but in a different way than what we described previously. PTSD sufferers experience lower levels of anandamide, which is essential to feel joy and happiness. It’s said CBD works as an anandamide replacement.

However, more research needs to be done to prove this. This is why the DEA is opening up studies to test the effectiveness of CBD for PTSD. If it’s proven as effective, CBD will be an official PTSD treatment option.

6. CBD Treats Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes one to feel excruciating pain in the muscles and even the bones.

There aren’t many treatment options except for prescription drugs. So fibromyalgia sufferers don’t become addicted, they’re switching to holistic options such as CBD.

CBD can’t cure fibromyalgia but CBD can treat the symptoms. These symptoms include pain, inflammation, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, depression, anxiety, and even restless leg syndrome.

A 2011 study proves this; the fibromyalgia patients given CBD stated the cannabinoid helped relieve their symptoms.

7. Can Reduce Back Pain

80% of the population experience back pain at some point in their lives.

People also experience back pain for different reasons — many suffer from back pain because sitting for long periods of time and others suffer from injuries and other forms of pain.

While CBD can’t cure back pain, it can reduce the discomfort you feel.

CBD is especially popular because it’s safer than opiates and CBD is non-habit forming. More pain sufferers are understanding the dangers of opiate abuse and are switching to safer alternatives.

In addition, the psychoactive cannabinoid THC also reduces back pain. That’s because CB1 receptors (or the receptors that THC controls) are prevalent in the nervous system.

When taking CBD, be smart about your dosing. Learn more here — for you and your dog!

8. Can Treat Crohn’s Disease

Do you know who Fatin Phoenix Ward is? She’s someone who claims CBD cured her Crohn’s Disease.

Ward experienced extreme stomach pain and diarrhea for almost a year until her Crohn’s Disease diagnosis. After prescription medication was unsuccessful, she received help from CBD.

Ward isn’t the first person to use cannabis for digestive issues. Cannabis has been used to treat a myriad of digestive and stomach issues for centuries.

How does CBD treat Crohn’s Disease? Experts aren’t sure yet. There are CB2 receptors (or the receptors CBD controls) in the digestive system, helping relieve some of the Crohn’s symptoms.

Since CBD also relieves pain, this helps the patient feel less stomach pain.

Will You Take Advantage of the CBD Benefits?

The CBD benefits are endless and more research is constantly being released.

To keep up with this topic, follow our science section.

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