New for 2019: Backyard Weddings are Back In!

Spring isn’t that far away, and with it comes weddings. A big fancy wedding in a rented hall with an expensive caterer and entertainment is alright if you like that kind of thing, and can afford it. But for couples on a budget, and who want to make their nuptials especially memorable, the time is now to consider going retro with a backyard wedding.

Many suburban neighborhoods have better parking than event centers, and it’s free. Your wedding guests will appreciate that. Tent rentals are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. And there’s no crippling damage deposit!

Get the local barbeque pit to cater. They’re used to working outdoors and can deliver a surprising variety of smoked viands — and often provide adult sized bibs so nobody worries about their rented tux.

To prevent wear and tear on your house, use a port-a-potty company. If you’re doing a cash bar, hand out chits for a free drink to those who use it — there’ll be no complaints.

You’ll find that most clergy enjoy an outdoor ceremony and will loosen up a bit more than in the confines of a stuffy hall or chapel.

And if there are going to be a lot of children at the wedding, they can find plenty of things to do in a backyard that will make things easier on the parents.


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